HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
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In the process of trying to figure out what the mystery Jrock on my computer is, I have discovered the most remarkable website.

It's a Japanese site lets you download MP3 rips of NicoNico videos. I think you see whar I am going with this >..>

I've had this one MP3 for years. It's a song called Back in the Forever by Ravecraft. It's a good song! Unfortunately, the band was so damn obscure, I could never find any info on it, any OTHER MP3, etcetc.. and not even HMV has albums in stock because these guys have been out of print for ages. I found TWELVE other songs from these guys just by poking around this niconico rip page. Oh mah gawd. There arn't that many Baiser fans out there anymore, either, and I lost my MP3 of Prism. Guess what! It's up thar! :O You can also click links above the videos for related bands. For example! I never knew that one of the members of Ravecraft joined DopeHeadz, which also had members from other established banks like XJapan.

I'm going to have to bookmark this so I can go back and find more obscure music from when I first started getting into it. In fact, I'll link for posterity. Yay! Now everyone else can hear "Back in the Forever" and think.. WTF was the big deal?
Well, it was totally a big deal when you only had the one song and couldn't find out anything else about the band, yo!


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