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Sometimess, I hate itunes.

I got a new computer in November-ish as an early christmas present since mine was getting dangerously close to "replacing many parts and reformatting" town. Around this time, Matt decided to get one of those personal home server things. They're essentially just really huge harddrives that you hook up to your network and use it to store media, etc in a central location. It's really handy. We took the opportunity to dump the contents of multiple old harddrives onto it including many years of backed-up MP3s and whatnot.

The combination of these two events has made me absolutely terrified to synch my ipod or my ipad.

I had itunes just the way I wanted it, with many hours spent on searching the net for rare album artwork for my obscure Jrock singles, etc.. and a lot of it was wiped out. I've slowly worked on restoring it all so it looks pretty again, but when Matt restored my backed-up music from centralized storage drive, I ended up with pretty much...everything we downloaded since the creation of napster. This includes incomplete files, Matt's strange collection of Dr. Demento and all this other wacky crap.

He makes fun of how much music I have on my ipod/pad, but this is SO not my fault.

I've been spending hours off and on since then going through and deleting old files ranging anything from ancient anime songs ripped badly off VHS tapes with hand-held tape recorders to sample clips of J-rock bands that arn't even around anymore. I've been trying to keep all the rare stuff and keep it all organized, but there's seriously a huge folder of stuff with gibberish titles I have to sort through. Remarkably, some of it I was able to identify and properly rename XP

Some of it's like.. why do I even have this? I have a bunch of Sailor Moon opening songs in various languages that I downloaded as a novelty over 10 years ago. Do I want to listen to that on random play on the ipod? Probably not. (Though, the german one is really funny)

It's been a total nightmare sorting it all out. I really hope that this will be the last time I have to do this, though. Once I finally have it cleaned up the way I want it, I can back it up again in it's own folder and I'll have minimal cleanup work to do the next time I swap computers. Until I get to that point though I'm finding all sorts of weird things. We needed to help Makoto back up PQ in college for some reason, and I found all her wacky Tomokazu Seki MP3s on here. Nothing else from that computer is lurking around here but the seiyuu MP3s. Huh.

On the other hand.. Kimagure Orange Road OST.. it sounds soooo dated. OMG. I don't even remember buying or downloading it. Where did it come from? It is a mystery.

I totally made a hot workout mix playlist though. It is filled with Schwarz Stein (And Kaya/Hora solo stuff. Thanks Zoi!), Blumchen, and other awesome stuff like Parapara mixes of anime songs and at least half of the Granado Espada soundtrack. If I can get motivated to make a huge playlist of workout music, maybe one day I can be motivated to go spin on the bike some more XP

Oh.. I found a techno remix of The Cure's "A Forest" and it's not bad.. wow D:


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