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The snow is gone

The backyard looked pretty cool under 2 inches of snow, and I'm a little sad it's on, but ultimately it's a good thing. Texas doesn't know WTF to do with snow and ice on the roads. It was really hazardous for Matt to get to work the past 2 days, and work didn't want to close early or anything. He had no option but to go in, so I'm glad it'll be less dangerous for him to drive now.

Since we had enough snow to pack into a snowball or five, all the houses with kids on our street had sad little melty snowmen on the lawn today. I think I could have made a pretty decent one with the stuff in the backyard alone, but it would have taken it all. It packed pretty well, so I tossed a few snowballs at trees. One didn't explode, and sat there until this morning.

Senpu also had an outdoor adventure. He seemed mystified that it was so white and bright outside, so I put his little kitty harness on and took him outside. He just mewed plaintively. I set him down in some snow, and he bolted for the door. I picked him up and took him over to the grill, and he got excited about licking the snow off of it. So, I let him go back inside and made him a snowball. I put it in a little bowl and let him go at it, but I think the fact that the bowl was full made him think he wasn't supposed to be in it. He got excited about licking it, and would run away everytime I got close, like he was in trouble or somthing. The cat is not cut out for the outside :P If he didn't bolt straight for the door every time I set him down, I would have taken a picture. He acts like Mr. tough wildcat inside, but as soon as he smells outside and hears outside noises he wants to go back in. (Funnily enough, immediately after coming back into the house, he has to act all macho and runs around like a wild beast for 20 mins afterwards)

We went out to eat today since it was safe to drive around again. I think everyone had the same idea. At like 2:30 on a saturday, traffic was the worst I'd seen it since christmas eve. It was insane, and everyone was driving like a moron, weaving in and out of traffic, into our lane while we were in it, etc. There was this one crazy bitch with her car parked in the middle of our lane and we were like WTF and had to hit the brakes. She just kept inching out there. My poor little car is lucky some retard didn't hit it today!

Matt swears it's not going to be that bad tomorrow. I really need to go to the grocery store. We were going to go on the way back from the steakhouse, but the traffic was so insane.. I knew the grocery store was going to be awful. By the time we got out of there and back home, it was like 4 somthing too.. so compounded on top of everything, I think the grocery store would have been a very real threat to my sanity. I can't stand the confused people that park sideways. I have a list. I zip through the store grabbing everything on my list, then I'm out. I don't sit in the canned meat isle drooling at potted meat and pondering which one is highest quality. It's pork from a blender. It's all the same. Take a can and move your ass so I can get a packet of tuna and GTFO. -..- SRSLY (:/ I'm actually picky about my tuna, though. I have to get the stuff packed in water, not sunflower oil, and it has to be regular tuna, not albacore or anything like that. When my eyesight gets worse, that'll be me staring stupidly at the tuna)


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