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Texas has been a little cold lately

So cold, in fact, that everyone is freaking the fuck out.

Right now, large chunks of Texas, including where I am, are subject to rolling brown-outs. Apparently, The overwhelming use of electricity use (for heaters, I presume) was totally not expected, and Texas is about to run out of power. To combat this, my electricity goes out 2-3 times in the morning to save up enough power for "peak hours" It's only minorly inconvenient, but in all the time I've lived here, I can't ever remember somthing like this happening before.

The weather has happened before, but not the brown outs.

We still have regular power, and water, though other freinds we know have no water.

I just think the whole situation is wacky. We don't even have any snow. Just a little ice here and there. And, you know, the cold part.

Places like DFW are panicking and shutting everything down. Mom said they're freaking out in the valley, too, but that doesn't surprise me. They don't know WTF to do with... any... unusual situationd own there and they panic and close things down all the time down there. As far as I know, everyone is still going out to work and school and whatever around here. Schools recommend kids bring extra sweaters, etc... because with the brown outs, it could be colder than usual in class XD lol I think most businesses are still open, too. Matt sure as hell hasnt' gotten any time off :P

In other news, I continue to write a page or two every week or so on my NaNoWriMo story, but the pace of writing has slowed down dramatically. I'm not sure I'll ever finish it, but I take a little bit of comfort in that I'm at the end of the story and I'm still sometimes working on it. It doesn't make me feel like a total failure. :X I did email what I had to one freind because he kept badgering me about reading it. It's awesome that you can write a book on your computer and save paper and all, but when the power goes out I can't exactly whip it out and work on it :P Oh well.


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