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Not much going on here

I haven't heard anything about my ring yet, but I don't expect to for another week. I'm getting antsy, though. It's cold out, and my fingers shrink... and the ring I've been wearing on that finger is about half a size too large, so it spins and wiggles all over the place and drives me insane. By the time I get my real ring back, I probably won't have the little groove on my finger where it sits! D: Oh no!

I've got company coming over tomorrow and staying for probably around a week. Since Waco is so thrilling, I feel obligated to take him down to Austin or somthing so he can do 6th street. We've been thinking about doing that tomorrow, but he won't be getting in until a little late, so I don't know.... I'm still kind of up in the air about all of it and I haven't even made hotel reservations yet. This isn't that good :P

I've also been in contact with a remodeling service to get some rotten wood replaced around the house. We're going to have the facia& soffets done in vinyl siding, I think, so I won't have to worry about wood rot there ever again. The contracters we've been in contact with have been operating in Waco for ages and have an amazing BBB page. It's been a little challenging, because they keep asking to talk to my husband when making decisions. I am perfectly capable of making these decisions too >:O They wanted to talk to both of us together, but on the days Matt was off and around, they wouldn't show. I was feeling kind of nervous about all of it because of that, but when bossman came over and talked to me, he was obviously proud of his work. I don't think we will have a problem with the workmanship. It did take a little talking to convince them that I didn't want to get the whole damned house sided, though. I like what we have, and getting the whole place sided in somthing I'm not sure I'm going to like for way more than we were willing to spend is kind of... ugh.

He told me it would be no problem. I'd just have to take out a home improvement loan. I was like >:O
He didn't push me on it, though, and after I told him we were pretty set on our budget, we picked out colors and everything was hunky dory. We may wait a few months to get the rest of the house painted, though. Professional painters are crazy expensive. Dad says I should just do it myself... but I'm lazy, and I know if I DID do it, I WOULD be doing it myself. I don't think Matt would help. Matt would just say "Why don't we hire someone to do this? You are crazy." So, when it comes to it, We'll hire someone to do it :P

Also- I burnt my ear with the hairdryer. I didn't even know that was possible. It's not like I stuck my ear in it and held it there. Wacky.

I have so much freakin cleaning to do


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