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2010: A year in review?

The Good: Lots of travelling! Trying new things!
The Bad: Low self esteem... again. But honestly? That's really about it!
The Ugly: My thighs! LOL!

In summary:

This year, I was able to experience a lot of new and exciting things. While I don't find myself particularly religious, I keep coming back to the word "blessed" to describe the year. Looking back at pictures, though, I always feel that no matter how good things have been, my weight has casted a shadow over things, and is holding me back. You guys also know I'm not one for new years's resolutions, so all I can really say is that I'll try again.. and try not to fail again.

Compare to last year.. hurr hurr

Last year's firsts:

~Chinese dancing troupe in Dallas
~First trip to a Brazilian steakhouse
~First time in NYC
~Broadway musical, etc
~Luna Sea concert!!!!!
~First time cooking many dishes from chicken parm to potato croquettes
~Offspring concert (that was this year, right? gah, I dont' even remember)
~Wrote a freakin' novel (mostly)
~Had a cosplay photo published in a BOOK

Lasts (I hope)
~Last time we have to go to Oklahoma to renew Matt's driver's licence -..-

Home improvement:
~Replaced a lot of light fixtures
~Massive landscaping work to reclaim our home from the forest in the ravine
~Repairs from leak in roof
~New shrubs in front yard

Other major changes:
~Last March, Matt started days! It's been 9 months of days already!
~New computers!
~New cars
~Discovered Portofino, awesome Italian restaurant! We go there at least twice a month now!
~New TV means no more cords across the walkway or middle of the living room!
~New Buck-Tick album OMG!
~Got to meet Neil Gaiman and get my Ultimate Sandman 2 signed.. and saw many other fabulous people at W00tstock in Austin

I also went up to Dallas for the faire again, and had fun with that... went to San Antonio for a work trip, and did all sorts of other assorted shinnanegans.

All in all, 2010 really was a great year for us. I think my life is good, and I am thankful for it. I keep feeling like the only thing from making it just perfect are my weight problems, and it really bothers me that while I can be so stubborn about so many things, and tenacious about persuing the things I want, yet I keep failing at this.
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