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I usually hate Hastings, but today Hastings was good for me.

I'm procrastinating right now, you see. I should be writing the ending to my story. I've even broken away from WoW and managed to write a few pages, and things are marching along to their inevitable conclusions, etcetc.

But Tania visited this weekend, and we had all sorts of fun doing nothing!

I bought Epic Micky for Wii, which is, at best, very creative, and a little demented. At worst, a horrible platformer with a camera driven by a drunken monkey and sluggish controls. It's one I won't be able to play much now because of the AI unfortunately. It makes me sad because we bought it, popped it in, and after 30 min, I knew I couldn't play anymore of it. I was really excited about that game, too :(

We did play a lot of Bayonetta, though, because srsly... lol... srsly.

I cooked chicken parm from scratch for dinner and it was pretty awesome, and we watched a lot of children's movies, exchanged christmas gifts, etc. It was a lot of fun.

So I had so time off tonight after she went home, and I decided to work on the story a little bit. The ending is going to be hard for me to write, though. I know for a fact that's one of the reasons I haven't done it yet. I just need to grow a pair and get it done, though. I won't be able to revise and fix it up if I don't at least finish.. and I'm sure to succumb to the temptation of tehwarcraftz before too long.

omg.. I ate so much this weekend. I am stuffed. I didn't mean to eat that much at all XP

Oh yeah, and I picked up Chronos at Hastings. It was released earlier this month by Criterion. I've been waiting years to see it. I'm excited!


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