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Wings of Desire

My netflix queue is crazy. I've been sitting on stuff at home for months, too. I don't remember when I stuck it on there, but Wings of Desire has been sitting here since August, so I finally sat down to watch it.

I had never heard of it before, but I kept seeing the case all over the place. The DVD/Blu Ray editions were released by Criterion with a very minamalistic, striking cover. The movie is from 1987 about an angel who falls in love with a trapeze artist. It does not have Meg Ryan nor Nicholas Cage in it, but there is some Columbo (Peter Falk).

The whole thing is pretty much what you think of when you think of foreign films. Gay cowboys eating pudding.

No wait. That was Brokeback Mountain -..-

The film, when from one of the angel's point of view was entirely black& white. Life from the mortal side of things was shown in color. The entire movie is narrated by bizzare poetry about children that I think references a German children's song or somthing from the way the narrator sometimes recites the verses in a sing-song voice. Before I get too critical of things, I just want to say that I get it. There are many layers to which you can apply the poetry, and they apply to different characters at different times of the film.


I found the whole thing a little pretentious and weird. I kept thinking of Mike Myers in a black turtleneck saying "And this is the time on Shcprockets when we DANCE!"

I really enjoyed the way they portrayed the angels, though. I thought it was a little silly that they all wore wool overcoats and wool scarves and they all had slicked-back ponytails, but it was very effective, because with minimal dialogue, you could easily tell who was who.

I think Bruno Ganz was spectacular in the lead role... and while I sometimes found his intense stares kind of creepy, as you are introduced to the world of the film his facial expressions and those of the other angels seem more nuanced. I feel that a lot of the story was conveyed effectively through facial expression and cinematography with minimal dialogue.


The next foreign film on my liste is already sitting at home. It's called Children of Heaven.. It's a middle-eastern film about some children too poor to have their own shoes. When something happens to the little girl's shoes, the boy agrees to share his with her, and they have to run back and forth to get the shoes to the appropriate child at the appropriate time of day. It looks like a tear-jerker -..-

I think I've mentioned it before, but if you are interested in other middle-eastern films, Osama was fantastic, but incredibly depressing...It will break your heart.(The movie is Afghani) And then there'sUshpizin .. and Israeli film. It was VERY good. I loved it. It was a great look into a completely different way of life, and has a good balance of humor that keeps the movie rolling along. I haven't seen it in a few years... I should rent it again.

Also- I saw the new Narnia movie a few days ago :P I love Reepicheep and I swear I wanted to cry through the whole movie. D: It was pretty good, and felt less like it was whacked by the Disney Nerf Bat than the previous two. That, or I've grown desensitized to it :P I want to re-read the novels, but I don't own them. We had one set growing up, and I think my brother took them. He lent them to me a few years ago when I wanted to re-read them, then he took them back. It's hard to find a good collection of the books, so I was thinking of just buying them through kindle or ibooks and re-reading them all on the ipad. It'll take up much less room. Unfortunately, they haven't set up any sort of collection, so I'd have to go in there and purchase/download 7 different books seperately at 8-10 bucks a pop. WTF MATE. YOU DIDN'T SPEND ANY MONEY PRINTING THEM AND THE AUTHOR IS DEAD. WHY ARE THEY THAT EXPENSIVE???

I mean, seriously.. I was expecting like.. 30-ish bucks for all of them in one collection. Not 60-80 Oh well :/ I'll probably pony it up today or tomorrow. I really want to re-read The Magician's Nephew and The Horse and His Boy... Because I'm fairly certain that if they decide to make any more narnia movies, they'll probably just do The Silver Chair and The Last Battle and be done with it. If they do even that.

Oh, I also don't have a copy of the Prince Caspian movie yet >..<
I bought the special edition DVD of the Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, but when Prince Caspian came out, I was trying to decide if I wanted to get it on DVD or Blu Ray because the only Blu Ray player we had was in the bedroom, and while we were pretty sure the format was solid then, I wasn't sure if I Wanted one on DVD and another on Blu....

So silly. I should have just picked it up on blu ray! :P I'll have to put that on my list of movies I eventually need to buy (including the Tim Burton ones I don't have that I contractually have to buy to complete the set- Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Planet of the Apes, Corpse Bride, Ed Wood. Only two of these are good, and only one of those I'd watch again. GAH. But seriously Jeffery Jones and Martin Landau in Ed Wood=amazing!)
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