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I feel like death....wing?

Yup. I'm definitely sick. Booo!

I wanted to post a little bit about my awesome trip and the most amazing, epic, awesome concert ever, but I feel so oogy. :(

LunaSea was incredible, though. None of them have lost it. They're all still amazing musicians. I cried my eyes out when they played Storm and I For You. The whole trip was worth every cent. I didn't really care for some of the fanservice, but it'll make for a fun DVD later, I'm sure :P I couldnt' even write down the set list now if I wanted to. The whole night kind of blended together. It was like some sort of amazing "best of" list with other wacky shit thrown in there. They played soooo much stuff. It was incredible. I'm getting redundant, I know.

I honestly never thought in my entire life I would ever get to see them play together, live. The S.K.I.N. event at Expo was the only shot I thought I'd ever get to see Yoshiki play drums, or Sugizo play guitar, violin, or even see Gackt. Growing up, discovering J-rock, etc, I used to call X-Japan, LunaSea, and L'arc~en~ciel the big three. Malice Mizer often dethrones L'arc in my mind for one of those spots, though. :P And Miyavi.. Well, I was a little familiar with some of his work in Due Le Quartz or whatever, so I knew who he was, but I never really followed that band, so his presence wasn't as pants-shitting for me as the others. But it was still good to see him, don't get me wrong.

I really would like to see X some day. It won't ever be the same without hide, though. And even then, I'm so afraid of being burned by concert cancellations that it would be hard for me to commit unless the stars aligned perfectly. I would have loved to see them at lollapalooza, but I found out about it way too late, and I wasn't going to make it to NYC, or wherever the other show was. I'll hold out hope for a second set of dates in the future. The timing for me and X this past year was just bad all around.

I'd still go see Moi dix Mois I guess.. if they came back to Texas and it didn't get cancelled. I think I still have my tickets for that show that never happened -..-

But seriously? Buck-Tick. I would love to see them live. And they are still really active, and they are still releasing amazing material. I just don't think they'll ever come stateside.

So since I feel totally gross, the next few days will be spent sleeping and playing the Warcraft expansion that released today. :X


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