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NaNoWriMo- Nevar again??? Refelctions on the challenge and ZOMFG LUNASEA

Final wordcount as of midnight Nov 30th: 52537
Story status: Incomplete
What I need to write: The ending. lawl.

The whole thing has been a very interesting experience I'm not entirely sure I'll repeat. I guess it depends on what other people think of what I wrote this year. I mean, I guess it doesn't really matter what people thing, but if it's hopeless trash not worth revising, it's pointless to keep doing it :P I can't really say I've ever had any big dreams of being a professional writer. I've fantasized about being a superstar writer, because it seems like the ultimate stay-at-home job where you get paid to sit around and occassionally tour the world like a literary superstar. :P

And that's totally appealing! Because then I could feel like I'm financially contributing without actually having to go out and get a job. Doesn't it sound great? :P

But I have no real hopes or dreams as far as getting this monstrosity published. I don't think I'll persue it, really. I just wanted to see if I could do it. I guess I wanted a little reinforcement that I CAN do somthing if I put my mind to it, even if I fail at so many other things I'd like to do. (*coughcough serious weight loss coughcough*)

I'm really bad at putting finishing touches on things.. and if my school work is any indication of it, I'm absolutely terrible at revising. When I finish something, I want to throw my hands up and say "Done! Begone foul beast, I am never coming back to you again!" In this manner, I've given birth to many frankenstein babies and horrible monstrosities. Just look at 90% of my costumes :P I can do better that that. I'm just too damned lazy.
(Arshtat was pretty close to perfect, though, srsrly. Best costume evar)

I would really like to write an ending to this and make it readable, so I can share it with people, though. For those that are interested in reading it at least. I know it needs major work, but I feel like I've done a fairly good job of say.. sticking to one tense... not leaving bastard fragmentary sentances all over the place (thought there may be a few ones used on purpose in action scenes?) and basic mistakes like that. I've done my best not to use passive voice, though I'm sure there are plenty of passive sentances that snuck in there.

The really major revisions are going to come down to plot. Moving scenes around, maybe writing new ones to show how the antagonists are moving, etc. I tried to keep THAT to a minimum, but it may be nessesary to add some in. Gah, I don't even know.

I don't really have time to finish it now, though, since I'm going to LA tomorrow to see somthing EPIC. Yay LunaSea! I will probably print out what I have, though, so I can take a red pen to it and edit for consistancy, akward sentances, etcetcetc during the DFW-->LA legs of the trip. Hint: The flight. It's boring as hell.

I'm working on cleaning the house up for Matt so I won't come home to a dump (hopefully) and he won't have to worry about cleaning up while I'm gone. (Also, hopefully)

I have a lot of cooking today to make sure there is food for him while I'm gone. If I don't cook at least a few things for him, I know all he will do is eat peanut butter for four days.

The plan: Cook extra for dinner tonight, and cook up a batch of hamburger helper that he can spoon out and heat up while I'm gone. That should last him until I get back!

Ah crap! I have to go run some laundry. WTF do I pack XP
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