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50k finished! I am a weiner!

OK! I have finished my 50k. I win NaNoWriMo! Sort of? I finished the challenge word count a day early, but I have not written the ending of the story yet. I'm going to keep writing until LunaSea, or at least until I finish it.. whichever comes first. It needs an ending, and I don't really feel that accomplished right now, honestly XP I think I'll feel proud or whatever when the story ends and I can say I wrote a novel. Right now, it still doesn't have an ending... but I've reached the "stopping" point in the challenge. It's a mixed feeling. I know it isn't a hard stopping point, and that I don't have to stop, so I won't. But yeah.

This whole project has made me feel very peculiar. It's not the same feeling from finishing a 6-month costuming project. So far, that was better. :P We'll see what this feels like after I write the ending.
Tags: nanowrimo, writing

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