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Tomorrow is the last day of NaNoWriMo!

I'm currently at 48521 words. With only 1479 to go, I should be able to finish the 50k challenge today! I don't think I'll have the plot finished, though. The second half of the book is taking longer than I thought it would. I inadvertantly ended up adding all this extra stuff in to make it work. She still hasn't met up with the antagonist yet! I'll probably get her into his place today, and then if I feel super inspired, I'll write the big showdown tonight or tomorrow. I will do my best to have the plot finished and wrapped up by tomorrow so I can print it out and proof it in the plane on the way to LA.

I feel that it's really pretty dreadful XD I Thought I'd just run it through the spellchecker and let people have at it, but I am not so sure now. It does need revision, and it would help to have someone else read it to help me identify the places that need help. Places I feel are weak may or may not be weak to other people, and places I think are strong may need more work. :O

I'll probably spellcheck it, proof it on the plane for redundancies, akward sentances, typos the spellchecker missed, etc, and save the major slash and burn parts for later. I'm not bringing a laptop or any sort of wordprocessor with me, so I wouldn't be able to work on it like that seriously anyway. But I can take a red pen and go to town on some paper. It would be pretty cool to print it out and hold it in my hands, too. I bet it's going to be too thick to staple. I'll have to remember to take some extra time tomorrow to format it and add page numbers. I'll also have to remember to single space the whole beast so I have room to write in notes.

I'm almost done! It's pretty exciting!

More exciting (and surreal) is that I'll be leaving for LA this week to see LunaSea play live. I remember when we were back in college, Makoto and I never thought we'd be able to see them. (I think she was planning on going to Japan eventually, but the band unfortunately broke up before she made it over there for the first time?) It was like XJapan or Malice Mizer all over again. And X is back together now! I haven't been to see them yet, but catching SKIN at Expo that one year was amazing. I mean, just to see Yoshiki playing the drums againt was incredible.


This is totally happening, and we'll totally get to see them play Rosier live instead of watching other bands cover it at A-kon. (Well, hopefully they'll play it??) You know what? At this point, it doesn't even matter. XD I'm so familiar with the whole catelog anyway, it'll be like listening to greatest hits live!

Plus, I'll get to do some awesome LA christmas shopping. I have awesome surprises for mah gurlz, too. And Jereck, if he makes it out to hang out. If not, I'm totally keeping this. It's too cool not to. But yeah. LunaSea later. For now, I should finish this book!

PS: I still don't know WTF I'm wearing
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