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I got my copy of Cosplay in America in today!

I should probably be updating this in our paper-wings community, but I'll forget to do it, so I'm putting it here for those interested.

As I mentioned sometime last year, Tania and I had our photos taken at Animefest by a dude who was putting together a cosplay book. I received an email some months later saying that I was in the book. How exciting, right? XD

The author was offering free shipping through November, so I ordered my copy. I don't see any page numbers in this behemoth, but I'm close to the beginning... dressed as a creepy old man.. flashing the "Hang 10" symbol. Yes, it's completely rediculous, but I think it sums up my serious hobby seriously and in all seriousness :P

Unfortunately, my name is mis-credited on the photo! :O But when you guys see an awesome Tellah, you'll know it's me anyway, right? XD (Or maybe not. I am the master of disguise??)

It's such a shame that I didnt' have my awesome long nose for this photoshoot, because Tellah was so much more epic with that prosthetic. Still, it's a great photo. I haven't had a chance to loook throughout the rest of the book, but there's a good chance a bunch of people I know are in there somewhere.

The book itself is a really nice, heavy textbook-sized coffee table-type photo book. The layouts are slick, and there are a lot of great costumers in it. Im sad that my name was incorrect, but it's still an amazingly cool thing to be in it. Maybe I'll email the author. If it ever goes into a second printing, it wouldn't be too hard to fix, I bet.

Back to writing... I did a TON yesterday and hit today's goals last night. I hit 44k, which is where I would have been today. But if you just assume I wrote that extra 2k over thanksgiving, I still need to hit 46k today. It's not a big deal. I should hit 50k by the 30th. Finishing early would be lovely, though. Onward to 46k!

PS: I got some fake nails the day before thanksgiving, and it's been so hard to type ever since. I still don't understand how I got so much written yesterday. The plot is getting close to it's conclusion! I don't know if I'll finish at 50k, though. It may take longer. I'm not sure I dropped enough info about the big bad antagonist in to make him effective. Gah.

I really should make a private post of a bunch of questions I'd ask a reader about and then after my test readers give me feedback, I can ask them how they felt about X character or X situation and get an idea of how I'm doing. I know this thing needs a ton of work >..
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