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40k! Home stretch nao?

So I got a new computer! Matt is surprising me with all sorts of great presents lately. It's a mega gaming beast, but the best part is that everything about it lights up, and I can make it strobe and do all sorts of other great stuff. It's amazing.


It's meant that I had to re-install almost everything, and I was really worried that I wasn't going to get enough writing done.

My goal today, however, was 40k. I have acheiveed 40k!

Unfortunately, I forgot that tomorrow is thanksgiving, and I probably won't get any writing done then, so I have to do an extra 1k tonight and another 1k the day after to stay on track. Whoops!

Actually, if I do 2k a day, I will be done a day early, so if I don't get anything done tomorrow, that is ok. I will still try hard to get some extra writing in, though.

Plot-wise, I'm mostly on the home stretch. Our heroine has reached the city of her final encounter... you still don't know jack about the antagonist yet, but I've dropped a few hints here and there. You have a general idea of what he's done, but you don't know much about who he is or why he's doing it. I want it to feel very.. hmm.. natural? How do you learn about the "bad guys" in real life? You learn about the horrible things they've done. Not who they are or why they did it until afterwards. So I'd like to keep things in that similar vein here. He has his reasons for doing what he did, but if you sympathize with him too much, the reader gets confused, I suppose. Anyway...Back to writing!
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