HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Free word processor that doesn't blow?

Anyone? Anyone?

I am most comfortable with MS Word because it's what I used growing up... but apparently word doesn't just come on computers anymore. This one came with... Notepad! I was not thrilled. Apparently to get word now, you have to have Office, and I'm not going to buy it because I don't need the whole office suite. I need somthing that will get me through NaNo.

I am currently using Q10. The problem with Q10 is that there's no sidescroll bar for me to move through things quickly. (Or, if there is, I can't seem to find it. It is invisible and elusive) Also, Q10 doesn't have page breaks to give you an idea of how long it is. At the bottom, it gives you a word count, which is super handy. It also tells you how many pages it is. (151 now!) But really? Who knows how it comes up with that number??

The other major problem with it is that the spellchecker broke on me in the first paragraph. This is no good! I make a lot of spelling mistakes! Overall, I think I'm an OK speller, but I need the checker :/

So yeah. Current wordcount is like 36k+ somthing, so I'm still on track to finish 50k by the 30th, yay. Now I'm more concerned with how I'm going to get this beast spell checked and formatted and ready for printing so I can print it out and revise it on the plane on the way to Luna Sea!

Incidentally- I am having a lot of trouble with the spellchecker on this Open Office program I downloaded. Apparently I use a lot of british spellings for things???
Tags: nanowrimo, writing


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