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Not quite done with today's word count yet, but....

25,000 words! I am halfway done!

I feel pretty confident in the way I've laid out the story, but I'm not sure if the pacing drags or not. We'll have to see what happens with the last half of the book. The next section should be pretty interesting, but what happens after that, and between there and the end, I'm a little worried about.

I feel pretty confident that the main character is slowly growing and evolving, but I'm worried that it won't be apparent to anyone else... which ultimately, is my problem. I have so many little worries about how it comes across to a fresh reader that I feel as if the only way to fix the book would be to suddenly develop psychic mind-reading powers :P

When it's done, I'll probably spellcheck it and send the roughs out to 2-3 test readers, revise a little, and then let everyone have at it if they want. That is pretty much the biggest part of the creative process I hate.. being really proud and really insecure at the same time.

I'm going to the renfaire this weekend, and have two designated "no write" days. If I can stay caught up after that, I should have no problem finishing the 50k on schedule.

Isn't that funny? Me. Finishing a writing project. On schedule. As planned.
I'm used to just waking up the morning a term paper is due and bullshitting my way to good grades. It's always worked in the past :/ Getting started is the hard part.
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