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Oh noez! I'm behind!

I fell asleep last night way too early. It was a late night for Matt, so I went to go rub his feet and ended up passing out around 11pm. I had planned on going back to the keyboard for another hour or so and knock out my last 1000 words for the day, but it didn't get done at all :(

Now I'm really far behind! Last time I skipped a day completely, it took me 3 days to make up the word count... so I really can't afford to let myself get behind. I've knocked out about 600 so far today, but I need another 2400 to catch up to the 22k I should have when it's time for bed. 81 pages right now, without any sort of special formatting. I wonder how long it will be when I'm done?

I'll have to find some sort of word processor after I finish it, though. I DLed this one called Q10. It's free, and it has enough functions for me to function, as it were XD Unfortunately, the spelling checker spazzes out the first time the heroine's brother adresses her with a shortened version of her name. "Az" crashes it, and that's no bueno! I know I have a lot of typos in there somewhere, and some spelling errors that need to be fixed, but it's going to be a huge pain to spellcheck it when I'm done! gah!

I think I'm a bit claustrophobic, too, because I'm really not looking forward to writing this next part of the story XP

Edit: 10:30 and I am caught up! If I kept going, I could even get ahead.. but I'm le tired ;(
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