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"I can't. I'm working on my NOVEL"

Dad agrees that this alone is the best reason to do this :P

I called him up last night to ask him about putting barley in soups, and told him about NaNoWriMo. The longer I plug at this, the more I think that the finished project will be an unreadable monstrosity... but it will be MY unreadable monstrosity!

Today, my heroine is fighting a wild boar. I had to research the anatomy of wild boars to see where the best place to shoot them would be. Az totally sucked at killing in, and needed Osred's help. He kind of sucks at life, so the best he could do was distract it while she failed to kill it again. Fortunately, no one got seriously hurt, except the boar.. who was shot multiple times and then stabbed before it finally went down. Poor boar.

That only brings me up to what I SHOULD have written yesterday, though. Matt was in a pretty bad mood, and every time I sat down to write, he started ranting about that, that, and the other that pissed him off. I didn't want to flat out say "I can't work like this >:O Set up your laptop for me in the kitchen!!" so I read a book in the living room. :P

Like I said the other day, I figured I needed some perspective on my writing, and reading somthing seemed like the best way to study how other people tell stories. I chose Servant of the Bones by accident, and it's totally the wrong thing for me to be reading right now. It's some sort of homoerotic loveletter to ancient Babylon written in an entirely different style and tense than what I'm working on. Whoops! :O I think there's some hetero sex in it later, which is the ironic part. Yup. Men love to obsess over each other's good looks (and ball hair, apparently) in Anne Rice novels.

I'm getting more frustrated at the limitations of the tense I decided to go with more than anything. I'm so out of practice... It's been years since I've had to bullshit my way through college, so I'm feeling totally uncreative in my options for describing things. It's a challenge to make each sentance different enough that it doesn't feel like I'm doing the same thing over and over again. Stuff happened here. I went over there and did this. Then this happened and I did this. Blah blah and blahblah blah, with blahblahblah. I think the variety is there, but it's harder to tell the longer it goes on. My frustration with my own writing style (and my doubts that I can draw this thing out to 50,000 words) are the limiting factors now. I'm adding some action here and there to try to spice things up.. keep it interesting.. fill space, etc. This is not the part that I thought would be difficult about the whole process, though... so I'm learning a lot.

I'm at 3,700 words/ 16 pages right now. I need to hit 6k by tonight to stay on track. (Day three of writing, and I'm already behind!) I remember reading A Wizard of Earthsea thinking "Wow, this book is really thin. It's pretty short..." But it was fantastic! It really left me hungry for more, but totally told an effective. The sequel, The Tombs of Atuan clocke din at 180 pages.. also seemingly thin and short, but it was action-packed. I guess I'm used to 600+ page rambling monstrosities from other authors. Not that those are bad.. I enjoyed everything Anne Rice did between the 70's and the early 90's XD And even Gaiman's "American Gods" is a hefty 600+ ish pages...

Which reminds me: (Before I forget)

Colonel Gentleman's List of things I've lent out that I need to get back from people since I haven't seen the items in many many years:

1) A Wizard of Earthsea- Lent it to my brother.. don't think he's read it.. need to get it back. I keep wanting to re-read it, but it's not here! T..T I swear I just need to buy it from ibooks or somthing T..T
2)Harry Potter and the godawful rambling mess of book 7: Mysteriously dissappeared into Taniaspace, never to return
3)Final Fantasy VIII(See #2)

I also made chicken soup from scratch last night! It turned out pretty good. I think I have a problem with adding too much water when I boil down the stock. I've always been told that you should only put enough water in to cover the chicken bits. Well.. the breast bone has this big peice of cartilidge at the front, and I wasn't sure if I should cover that too, so I did.. then I cooked it all down until everything fell apart. I added a ton of salt, but I wasn't really getting that strong of a chicken flavor from it. I seasoned it with a crapton of salt, a healthy ammount of pepper, and some curry powder. (It's really awesome, trust me. Just use a little bit, don't go overboard) After I ran it through a collander to separate the bones, etc, I tossed in two onions, 2-3 carrots, a bunch of celery, and 3 potatoes... oh.. and some chicken :P Then I brought it back up to a boil.. added more salt.... XD

Basically, I cooked the onions down to nothing, and by that time, it was done! It's pretty niec. I wanted to make some barley and add it, but I forgot to buy some. Dad told me to cook it separately, or you'd get swampy soup that looked and tasted kind of "muddy." I'm glad I talked to him about it first, because I totally would have just tossed it into the pot. That being said, I totally forgot to buy the barley, so I didn't add it. Dad said if I wanted, I could toss some rice in there. It's tempting, but I think the soup is fine on it's own. The potatoes give it some starch, and I wouldn't want to make it too starchy by adding a bunch of rice. If I get down to the last of the soup and there's just a lot of broth and not much else, I'll throw some rice and some more of the chicken leftovers in there.

Now that the heater is cycling fairly regularly, though, it's really nice to have the soup!
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