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w00tstock 2.9: Elephant Spunk

It was awesome. It was everything I hoped it to be and more XD

I'm pretty sleepy, so I 'm not going to go into details. Staying up late for stuff like this isnt' as easy as it used to be. I feel totally hung over, and I didn't drink anything!

I just want to say that Mr. Neil Gaiman is amazing. He was stuck in the airport all day and made it to the event late because of airplane paperwork stuff. He must have been exausted, but he stayed until well past midnight to sign anything that people wanted signed. The poor man must be so tired of writing his own name day after day! I am so grateful that he is so good to his fans. I was towards the last 1/3 of the line, and he still seemed genuinely happy to see every person that stopped by. I had a horrid time trying to decide what to bring, but ultimately.. I asked him to autograph my copy of Absolute Sandman II (Here's a picture of the first volume.. same concept. Multiple graphic novels collected together in a huge leather-bound tome. It's amazing!)

I really need to get the other volumes. I have beaten up my paperback copies of the graphc novels from re-reading them so much... and the collector part of me loves these high-quality books.

I saw one or two other people with Absolute volumes with them. I'm sure he sees them a lot. They are the best candidate for autographs, I think XD I don't care about resale value at all, BTW. This is all for me. So I totally asked him to make it out to me. I'm never getting rid of it >:O

But yeah.. the event was awesome. Matt indeed got to meet a mythbuster, as promised. A good time was had by all!

We stayed in the Driskill, and it was gorgeous. We were even assigned to the haunted 4th floor, but I slept like a baby :P Sorry! I didn't hear any ghosts!


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