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Day 1: Oh crap?

I'm just approximating that I'll be out of town 4 days this month. I don't know if it will be more or less. So, I decided to come up with word count goals per day. I should be able to finish by the 30th if I write 2000 words a day.
Day one: successfull!

I did indeed write at least 2000 words today. I can't guarantee they were words that came together well.. but they are words XD I understand this challenge is more about quantity that quality. It's about getting you to write, not getting you to write a masterpeice.

Still, it was a little bit of a challenge to get past that 1900 word mark because I got bogged down in details and started to have a hard time guaging the flow of what I was doing. At least twice I wanted to just delete the whole thing and start over, but I didn't. Even now, I'm tempted to go back and pick over what I did today, when I really just need to be adding to it for now.

I started to wonder if I knew how to tell a story at all, so I decided to pick up a book and read a little over dinner to get my head back in the game. I ended up picking up Servant of the Bones by Anne Rice, and then smacking myself because it's a ghost story involving bones. I just happened to pick up a book where I could find one or two common elements, and I wanted to start deleting stuff all over again XD I talked myself down and I was like "Hey tard, the story you want to tell is nothing like this story. The worlds work completely differently, and this really isn't the same thing. Stop being dumb and go write some more"

So.. I got to 2100 words and got frustrated and gave up for the day.

Another 2k tomorrow. I really hope I have enough content for 50000 words >..<
I love Anne Rice. Maybe I should just stop what I'm doing and spend the next 5000 words describing the tree nearest my main character XD

Goddamn you, Witching Hour.. 1600 pages and everyone said it got good towards the end but it NEVER DID >:O
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