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Shit.. I miss you so much...

I miss Kami.. It's kind of strange.. I Was mourning hide excessively yesterday for some reason.. and today, it's Malice Mizer.. More specifically, the death of Kami, which really seemed to mark the end of "Merveilles" style Malice Mizer more than anything else to me. Kami's voice was so incredible. Mako-chan can attest to that fact. She saw me utterly blown away when I realized that it was Kami, not pre-recorded Gackt, that was harmonizing with Gackt. His drum solos with Gackt were always beautiful. They wern't Yoshiki-kind.. you know, the kind that blow you away due to drum prowess... but the kind that blow you away because they're just so.. right. They work, and they're beautiful. I've always had a special place in my heart for Kami, because to me, he really seemed to balance out the band. You'd have Mana& Kozi going off being weird together.. and Yu~ki kind of being odd on his own.. and then you'd have Gackt Orchestrating is all.. And then there was Kami. he had his own definite personality within the band, but he also seemed to help..hm.. average out the eccentricies of the member's stage personalities, so that everything meshed well. I need to make more Kami fanart. All I have currently is the one below, and a (very bad) sketch I started working on teh day after he passed away. God I miss Kami.
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