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Fantasy Cartography for neither fun nor profit!

I had such an awesomly productive phone call with Makoto last night! She patiently listened to everything as I babbled on about the book out of sequence, and didn't even get after me when I interuppted her XD She helped me knock out some key details about the whats of the antagonist, and gave some feedback on the rest of the world, and it was super helpful!

Counting today, I have 3 days to come up with anything else I might need to make writing easier. The biggest thing I need to do right now is to finish a map of this world, then start coming up with names. I need to name EVERYTHING. That's going to e the hard part. I need to name the world, countries, cities, towns, supporting cast, rivers, mountains, your mom. Everything XP

I decided to start with the map, but I'm horrible at drawing this sort of thing. I made smooth continents for the general shape, then I took a second peice of paper, traced the smooth continents very lightly in pencil, and went over it with the shakiest possible hand I could come up with. I added a few river deltas and island chains, because that seemed to be the thing to do. I'm maybe.. halfway done. then I'm going to start naming things! That will help me plot out the adventure in physical space.. decide where there need to be towns, what they need to be caled, etc XP

I don't suppose I can just start naming things Mordor and Earthsea and Azeroth and Navi and whatever XP

For me, naming is not a fun part. Every name means somthing, and I want it to have bearing on the story, even if people never go google the name. I've tried coming up with nonsense gibberish that sounds cool, but I really suck at that. So for me, naming is a really slow and tedious process. It's vitally important, so it's probably what I'm going to spend much of the next few days doing. Welcome to the world of Ishkabibble, where we don't care about the names of anything! rawr! Yeah, that won't fly :P
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