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NaNoWriMo Working Title: Finger Bones

I'm getting excited about it! Nervous, scared.. excited!

I'm not allowed to start writing it yet. I guess as long as I actually write, it doesn't matter if I follow the rules or not.. but it seems like it would be easier if I started with the base challenge.

So! I'm allowed to work on outlines, backgrounds, all sorts of stuff like that. I can't write dialoge or anything used word-for-word in the novel, though, since I'm not supposed to start writing it until the 1st.

I HAVE, however, been steadily working on fleshing out character backgrounds, creating support characters, figuring out plot, etc.

I worked on my first rough outline of the plot today. I created a few new characters that I need to name. I also need to go and do some research. I need to talk to a certain genetecist-type person >..>

I think I also need to call my optometrist. XD

There's all sorts of other research I have no doubt that I will have to do as I go on further, but for now, I'm still working on locking down some little details that will make things easier for me. I'm terribly afraid that I finish it and some of my test readers say "Omg, I don't know if you realized this or not, but you ripped this entire section from XXXXXX book or XXXXX character" XD I really hope I didn't steal anything subconsciously. It's like.. every time a peice of the plot clicks into place, I'm terrified that it's coming along so well that I just ripped it from somthing else I read ages ago, etc.

I really hope I finish this challenge. Even though I haven't started writing yet, it still feels deliciously pretentious to say "I'm working on my novel"
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