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New Buck-Tick album? Very solid!

If I had to compare to previous albums...

There are some songs very reminiscent of Darker than Darkness stuff and Six/Nine stuff.. but there are also tracks that remind me more of newer stuff like the Memento Mori album. Overall.. It's really hard to beat 13 Kai wa Gekkou. For me, that is an absolutely amazing album. Tenshi no Revolver wasn't a bad album, but I think this one is better. I like Memento Mori a little better than this one.. but again, this is a good album!

I really love the dark, gothy stuff they did on 13 Kai, but it's really hard to dislike anything with Sakurai singing. You have typical B-T phrasing here... When a song starts and you figure out what "style" of B-T song it is, you can pretty much predict how it's going to go. There were a few really surprising tracks off this album, though!

羽虫のように This one really almost reminds me of a Schwarz Stein song. Almost. I love it. In my opinion, it's the best track off the album. I don't even know if it was released as a single :X

夢幻 Other fans are loling and saying it sounds like a L'arc~en~ciel song. Well... It kind of does :X But you know L'arc has that really distinctive guitar thing they do.. and B-T happens to be doing a happy sounding song with that guitar thing, so of course it sounds like a L'arc song XD But it's pretty! It works!

They remixed the singles for this album, which is pretty crappy, IMO. I didn't buy the singles. Usually I'll just wait for the album.. When bands release singles and then don't put them on albums, I am sad. (I AM LOOKING AT YOU, DIR EN GREY! It's a good thing I DID buy the "Ain't Afraid to Die" single...) I want to be mad at Malice Mizer for not putting Beast of Blood and those other few last songs on an album, but I can't. XP Anyway! B-T made some songs for dark vampire anime again, and I'm not sure if there was some sort of binding legal contract or what, but every single seems like it's been remixed for the album, and I think it hurts it. Though.. the kuchizuke single sounds about the same to me :X

Overall, it's a good album. It's very solid. It's one of those that is very easy to listen to from beginning to end. I think the instrumental intro here is a little unnessesary, because this isn't 13 Kai :P It doesn't have a unifying theme. This album kind of drifts from here to there with all sorts of strange songs about sperm, and songs in disco and techno and whatever styles.. but it really does work as a whole.

I'd really like to see another album like 13Kai though XD Or another collection album like "This is NOT Greatest Hits." That album was amazing because the band went back and re-recorded all the songs and made the whole album flow together awesomely. Especially around the In Heaven/ Moonlight/ Just One More Kiss tracks. I love it when bands do that :X

But yeah... Razzle Dazzle is a great listen :D

Here's a clip of my favorite one, 羽虫のように



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