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Tsuki no Hikari

I had a really odd dream last night. I don't know if it had anything to do with the sheer ammount of J-rock I watched last night, or the fact that I didn't sleep until after 4am... but I had a dream I was in Japan. I was was lost, and could't find the group I came with. I was there with my mother, and AkumaShinzo, but at the same time, they wern't my mother or Akuma. Maybe Mako-chan was there, too at first, but I don't remember. I know she was there later, because it was a dream within a dream type thing. In any case.. I dremt I was Kyo, I think. It's still kind of blurry. I know, though, that I needed to help someone. Death was involved, and it was rather sad. Like I said, everything is hazy. I'm writing this down now before I completely forget it all. Eventually, I ended up in a concert hall. Gackt was preforming in front of a small group.. probably his fanclub. He apparently needed some help.. or somthing.. and I helped him with the preformance. I think as Kyo, I helped to sing, but the songs were completely new. Remember the Malice Mizer preformance where they wore military uniforms? I can't remember which song it was.... I think it was Illuminati. That preformance moves me so much. I'm not exactly sure why. In any case.. Gackt was preforming.. and he had a pile of flags on the ground. They were large, like the ones that they waved in Illuminati. Part of my job in helping Gackt was to help him run across the stage with the flags.
Afterwards, somthing sad happened.. and I ended up in some Korean shop in Japan looking for posters of Gackt's last live preformance (The one with me...) Some girls were buying special concert goods there. Then, within my dream, I woke up. I wrote down my experiences here, in my Livejournal, and then visited Mako-chan. I wanted to tell her all about my dream with Gackt, and she sat there and listened until she became bored. (It didn't take very long at all)
She said she'd heard it all before, already. I asked her how she'd know about my dream, and she said that she read about it here. I got very angry, and wanted to know why she didn't just say so in the first place. I forgot what happened after that.
It was all very odd. I hate my dreams with J-rockers. It just gets me very depressed....
I'm talking to a computer right now. We're having an odd conversation. If you'd like to talk to Chatbot, too, go here.
Many thanks to Loki/Goat-Boy for directing me to this site yesterday when he was over. This is turning out to be quite an interesting conversation.


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