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State Fair 2010

So everyone was talking about the fried beer this year. I heard about it in town, out of town, at other people's houses.. everywhere! I wasn't sure if it was because it was awesome, or horrible, or just such a bizzare and alien concept, people couldn't help but hype it up.

Before even mentioning anything else, I have to say this: The fried beer was one of the most vile things I have put in my mouth in my short time on earth. And maybe it's just because I've been experimenting with food more and more every year, but it seems I get to say this a lot more often D:

The fried beer came in a little paper tray. There were 5 of them, and they looked like little ravioli. There was some Rico's nacho cheese sauce next to it. The breading it was in wasn't bad. It reminded my brother of a pizza roll wrapper. The inside was some sort of stale hell that I can only partially describe. It was warm, it gushed in your mouth, and it was SOUR. It was like.. a small mouthful of the essence of skunky beer. You had to be 21 to even purchase these "snacks", but the alcohol was long gone. We suspect that they had to freeze the beer into chunks in order to wrap it in the pastry wrapper and then deep fry it, so the alcohol most probably evaporated in the freezer. These things truely were vile. It's every bad experience anyone has ever had with stale beer boiled down into one small pocket of hell itself.

That being said, Collective Soul was awesome! They had great energy, looked genuinely happy to be there and be on stage, and played all the audience favorites :) I really do wish the set had been just a little longer, but they played a ton. I'm very glad I had the opportunity to go. I was also surprised by the bro-love in the audience. There were a lot of tough-looking college aged guys in the stereotypical college bro-wear. You know.. cargo shorts, T-shirts, caps, and socks& sandals.. that sort of outfit. I call them the Brosefs. They were hanging out looking and acting tough, drinking beer, etcetc. But as soon as the band played songs like "The World I Know", "December", "Needs", etc. they started hugging and weeping like babies. It was really strange. I was also pleasantly surprised by the diverse age group there. I figured there would be some people around my age and maybe a little older that were big fans and there to see the band... and there would probably be a ton of people there that just happened to be at the fair and wanted to see some live music. But... There were people a lot older and younger and all sorts of other types that were most obviously there for the band. Soooo many people singing along! I expect that sort of thing when I go to a venue to see a specific band, because you know everyone there is united with a genuine love for the band. But stuff like the J-rock/J-pop artists at conventions? A lot of people are just there becasue they are there for the con, etc. Music festivals? People come for one or two bands and sit through the rest because they are there. I guess I was just surprised that so many people were genuinely there for the band. It was a pretty incredible concert. Unfortunately, the curse of my height struck again, and I was trapped in the valley of the tall people :P I'd forgotten my camera, and I was trying to figure out how to use this new cel phone.. but all I managed to do was snap shots of the back of some tardo's head, even when I tried to hold the phone up high. I got maybe 2-3 blurry photos with no heads in the way. Bummer, dude!

I'm excited, though, because my new Buck-Tick album arrived while I was gone. I'm going to listen to it now and see how it is :D

But really, I just seriously need a shower to wash the fair funk off.

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