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omg cat fur everywhere...

Day 2 of Lush Lemon Flutter stuff!
~ I am tolerating the horrible stink a little better. Kind of. Not really. I took all the nailpolish off my fingernails, and soaked them in the stuff pretty well. They look nice. I want to paint them again, but I'm going to wait a little while and get more of this gook on them. Besides. I have cleaning to do today.

My computer desk is a repository for cat hair.

I've made yet another effort to clean my desk off. It never seems to stay clean for long. Part of that is the cat's fault. Part of it is mine. I tossed a bunch of stuff, though,s o it looks good for the time being!

There are plenty of things I am unsure of how to deal with, though. I'm certain the cat will make sure those things are spread all over the desk within the next few hours, though, and it won't look like I did anything at all. It'll be awesome!

For now, though, it looks like much less of a disaster. I really think we should get another corner unit like this for Matt. He doesn't want to be anywhere near the air vent in the other corner, though. I'm not entirely sure it would be a problem, since the air vent would basically be blowing behind the desk, and not directly at him, but I sympathize. Every time I've had to sit at the current desk there, the grate blows air right up your pants. It's freezing. The current desk is just a regular computer desk, though, and not a corner unit. I just wish we could get rid of the current monstrosity he is using. It's an old TV/entertainment stand with a pull out shelf he uses for his keyboard. It's falling apart, it looks ugly, and it takes up more room that it needs to. Also.. since he puts his tower up on the desk with him, there's very little desk space and it's constantly in a state of dissarray.

I need to handle cat litter and do some other stuff yet today, but I am super lazy.


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