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Another one of those dreams...

I usually have vivid dreams..the kind that seem really really real, no matter how strange the contents are.... The other night, I had a nightmare again that I hadn't had in a long time...and it still frightened me, even though the dream was kind of ridiculous. Last night, however, I had a very strange dream for the very first time, and it left me with an incredible feeling of loss. It's rather hard to describe, and I know that by putting it down in the journal, I will be missing a lot of details that I either don't feel like taking the time to type, or will miss due to the sheer ammount of them. In any case... how do you convey a feeling or emotion caused by an unusual event you won't be able to get people to relate to? Trying to describe everything will just make it sound rather stupid, but here we go anyway....
I was apparently living with a family that was teaching me a form of magic or whatnot...but I wasn't able to preform it correctly all the time, and even then, I only got about half the reaction I should have had. (I always have dreams like this...like when I dream I can fly, but only in the space between the ground and 4 feet high, and only when the wind is just right...) Quite a bit of stuff happened between this event and the last, but I feel that the last event was the most important. I was in a wherehouse type place lookign for somthing with a freind/familiar...don't remember who it was, but it was someone I was intimate with... like a copy of myself that never criticized me. We found a giant guillotine constructed our of the metallic poles dividing stock in the wherehouse...it was filled with matresses, and it seemed that the contraption was made out of the matresses, but not for the purpose of decapitation. It was somthing else disguised as this strange contraption so it could deceive passers-by. A small group of people entered (somewhere from 2-4) and it seemed that an old freind had found me and needed to talk to me. This person seemed to be someoe close to me. I felt like I had known him forever. According to him, I had known him in every past life, and will know him in every future life. I hugged him, and knew that I wasn't supposed to fall in love with him, even though both of us felt the same way towards each other. In my dream, I had Matt, my boyfreind, but this feeling with this individual felt older.. and I knew that fate ordained that we wern't ment to be lovers, but rather, inseprable freinds that had to be apart. It doesn't make too much sense, I suppose, but there was definitely an emotion there that had no name. He had come to tell me that it was time for him to go again. I knew what he ment, too... and I was still desperately trying to find a way to stop it from happening. (This is where is starts soundling a little like Angel Sanctuary) Apparently..he was linked to another individual, and together, they caused some sort of flux in time or reality. Because of this, they both had to be killed, or sent away, or vaporized, or somthing... that's what the contraption was for. The other individual was sinister, but didn't put up a fight when it was his turn to go into the machine. I stood there watching, in the arms of the other one, trying to think of a way to save him...but without them both gone, somthing was going to happen to the world, and it had to be prevented. He comforted me, and told me that he knew we would meet again, and have this close relationship again.. and said that he hoped it could go on longer in the next life before he was awakened. I woke up as he walked into the machine, and I've been feeling kind of down all day...kind of strange.. you can't help but beleive in your dreams when you wake up like that. I wish I could describe things better...


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