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It's almost October

Poor little LJ. I've seriously neglected you lately!

There just hasn't been a whole lot I've felt like talking about lately. The past few days, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. I wish it was like this more, but Texas only gives you about 2-3 weeks a YEAR of good outdoor drinking weather.

I'm glad it's almost october. Fall is my favorite time of the year because it's not so balls hot out. I haven't made any sort of progress on a halloween costume yet, and I'm not entirely sure I'll be doing anything for halloween this year, so whatever XP

So bullet points of this past month:

*Jon Stewart & the Daily Show writers released another Textbook. Awesome!

*My water heater broke today. Not awesome!

*I went to San Antonio last week for a pharmacist convention for the Matt's work. It was really corny, but I got free food and bought somthing truely horrible at the Riverwalk mall. The offensive item? A crazy ass raver fairy wand with a butterfly on the top that flashes a bajillion different seizure-inducing colors and plays that "Butterfly" song from DDR. It's incredible

*The warner bros. DvD2Blu deal is really groovy. We traded up a ton of disks for minimal cost and got blu ray versions of a lot of our older DvDs!

*Aqua's Aquarium is perhaps one of the happiest CDs ever. Doctor Jones and Roses are Red have been stuck in my head all day. Surprisingly, not Barbie Girl. But that song is fantastic too. >..>

*I plan to go see Collective Soul at the Texas state fair in about 3 weeks. WTF. It'll be awesome. I may make a weekend of it to visit Celine and abuse her mom's cats. I haven't really made plans or talked about it yet.

*LunaSea in December OMFG! Plane tickets are purchased!!

* The Mourners medieval tomb sculptures are in the Dallas museum of art. I must go see them again. I caught them in NYC at the MET, but there were a ton of people crowded around them. I regretted not getting a better look, and I have a chance to now. I think it would be an awesome trip or KT and I to go get some MR. Max's!

*Apparently Dicortes is closing. I'm really sad about this. It was the liquor store/bar supply store with a pink elephant mascot. It was, as far as I could tell, Waco's best liquor store, with a very large selection, helpful people in the wine section, and tons of bar supplies.

*On the other hand, the Dicortes is turning into a motherfucking SPECS!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!
I keep saying "Man, I wish we had a SPECS in Waco.... I was getting ready to accept that Twin Liquors was going to be my liquor store from now on (not that I buy much anymore, really), and then I get this news! Yay specs! They have so much more than just booze, and the selection of the booze is awesome! The sales are great! yay SPECS!


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