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Oh, hey XD

I found my Silky crown!

It was a fiberglass/bondo thing I made for my Silky costume (From Tenshi ni Narumon)

I've been looking for this damned thing for years! XD I looked in all the usual costume places, and it wasn't there. I have already destroyed the costume, using the fabrics for other things, but I really wanted to find the crown and refurb. the buttons on it. I just couldn't ever find it!

When I was cleaning out a bank of storage cabinets in the living room, I found some weird parcel of bubble wrap on top of Matt's LP collection. I figured it was some collector's fantasy plate or something, but lo and behold, my crown!

And since I haven't seen it in like 5+ years, I'm really kind of hesitant to throw it away.. but I'll be good. I'll rip the buttons off and toss it. I don't have the costume it goes with anymore, and even those huge fiberglass shoulder pauldrons are gone, so I have no excuse to keep it! Am I still riding the Hoarder's marathon high from labor day weekend? Maybe so!

I'm also watching Thintervention on Bravo, and reminding myself that keeping busy with household cleaning projects will keep me from sitting on the couch snacking... and anything that keeps me from eating is a good thing.

The dust I'm stirring up is somthing amazing, though.

When I'm done, there will be a dedicated cabinet for board games and tabletop non-collectible card games that don't fit in the card game closet. (Yes, one bedroom is converted into a computer room, and that closet is FILLED to capacity with Magic:The Gathering cards XP It has been organized twice in 10 years. It needs it again. I am afraid of that area)

This will open up a little bit of shelf space in the spare bedroom, and hopefully I can get a few things put away that currently have no home. Since the house has pretty much hit it's 10 year mark, I've decided that any clutter we haven't spent time enjoying since we moved in has to go. If it's a collectible that's being kept for sentimental or future $$ purposes, it will have a place. I'm doing my best to judge what will and will not hold value, and toss what we don't need, but when it comes to Matt's stuff, I usually just have to find a place for it and forget about it. I personally don't have a lot that holds much value in terms of collector's stuff, so it's easier for me to toss some of my old things. I always have problems with sentimental items, but I'm very proud of myself! I threw away like 75% of all old notes, love letters from other guys, etc that I had in old boxes. I have't thrown away anything from Matt, of course, but why the hell was I holding onto that other stuff? I mean, we all knew that guy who thought he was highlander was batshit crazy. >..> At least he never tried to get into my pants with the whole "Highlanders can't make babies" thing.. lololololol
Oh highlander guy... you will be a source of laughter and amusement for decades to come.

Speaking of...

I found that note from my second college roommate! OMG! It was so funny. It was a long typed of paragraph about how I wasn't the type of sisterly roommate she needed for her full and complete college experience. (I was a sophmore living in the senior's dorm who had already done the whole freshman-roommate-thing. She was a junior transfer student that had just moved out of her parent's place, had a short bob, and a love for birkenstocks)

I guess having a room to herself to trash just wasn't enough. That's ok. Makoto realized my value as a paying absentee roommate and totally got a solo room for our last few years there! HAHAHA XD


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