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Labor Day...


Being in town on Labor day is weird. The worst part?

Not knowing which TV marathon to watch!

It's horrible! Both Pawn Stars and A&E's Hoarders are running marathons tomorrow, and it's hard to pick. Those are really the only shows I'll go out of my way to watch if I'm watching TV around the time they are on :X And they are both playing all day! Crap! I set the DVR to record the new Hoarders episodes, but I didn't want to set the DVR to record.. say.. just all one channel while I watch the rest becasue the likelyhood of me actually sitting down and watching anything on the DVR is usually pretty slim. I don't want to miss the season premier Hoarders, though, because that house looked fucking disgusting, and I can't wait.

I'll probably end up swapping back and forth between the two whenever I hit an episode I've seen. I can only hope that they don't just.. play all the episodes I've seen together and all the ones I haven't at the same time D:

I caught a new episode of the TLC Hoarders show today, and it totally made me want to go clean somthing. Afterwards, they debuted two new episodes of some new series called Freaky Eaters. The first guy has eaten 4 cheeseburgers a day for the past 25+ years, and won't eat anything else. He was obese with diabetes and some prescribed medication he wasn't taking. He had never eaten a mushroom in his life! It was pretty amazing. It looked like they started to help straighten him out by the end of the show, but I don't like the attitude of the psych guy that much. They really emphasize the shock factor by doing things like carting in a year's worth of hamburgers and dumping them at the guy's feet while they berate him. The second chick was addicted to sugar and ate nothing but candies/cakes/cookies/ice cream/etc all day for like the past 15 years. She had some deep seated emotional issues, and I truely hope that she either moves back closer to family or stretches out and makes some more freinds. It's hard :O I really do wish the best for her.

It's an interesting concept for a show, but they're going to have to go out of thier way to find some truely bizzare eating behaviors, or it's just going to turn into some "Let's make fun of the fatty" show with a thinly veiled attempt to help them. I don't think I could ever go on a show like that. As much stuff as I post publicly in places like this, I am not sure I would ever get desperate enough to agree to let someone make me cry on TV for ratings. I don't know. On my down days, I feel like I could, but ultimately.. sheesh. I think I'm a LITTLE bit more of a private person than that, and I'm generally pretty open with everyone.

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