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It feels kind of weird not doing anything labor day weekend. For a really long time now, I've gone to AnimeFEST labor day weekend. I missed one year a few years back, but aside from that I've pretty much gone every year for the last 10 years or so, I guess. This year, we didn't make any plans. I just didn't enjoy myself at A-kon that much aside from the fucking amazing concert. I always have a lot more fun at Animefest, but I think the con spirit has just been sucked out from me.

So... no Animefest this year! I'm kind of sad, because I love that con, and the guys that put it together. I'm not totally heartbroken, though, because I think the cosplay spirit has kind of left me too :P Supposing I'd go for reasons other than cosplay... There wern't any guests this year I was just dying to see, and the only other thing I'd be doing there is spending a lot of money on crap I essentially don't need. (Unless, maybe, it's Kurotsuchi Mayuri merchandise?!?! lawl)

The girls mentioned Dragon*Con, and maybe that's somthing I'll consider next year. I don't know. I really feel like I need to get my personal shit in order before I go to cons again. I'm not happy with the way I look, and I feel like an utter failure when it comes to all my attempts to slim down. My first order of business is to get out of this funk of self loathing so I can at least start feeling a little better about myself. Then maybe I'll be able to muster up the courage to give it another stab. I feel pretty hopeless about it all, despite the fact that I did pretty well last year when I was under the threat of medication.

I've taken like 3 blood tests since then, and my numbers keep getting better and better, but if I can't turn shit around, they're going to start getting worse before long, I'm sure of it.

Sometimes I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm not quite in the weight category for somthing like a lap band, but I know that is not the solution for me. It doesn't solve the problem. It just makes you violently sick if you don't follow your dietary rules. I don't think somthing like that is the answer I need. I need... ugh, I don't know. I need a personal trainer to watch me 24/7 for a year! Tell me how and when to get off my ass, and be a food nazi. lol

I do plan on making a halloween costume if I can come up with something exciting to do for halloween, and it shall be epic. I just need to start on it :X Like.. eventually... Like.. maybe next week. I dont' have much time D:

And speaking of not much time.. OMFG LunaSea concert WUT WUT
After I heard about this, my thought process was somthing like this:

No way..
That has to be something like a lame local band
Because really... Sugizo is touring with XJapan now. There's no way LunaSea would have time to get back together and go on concert....
Or maybe it's a scam
...It could be a lame scam involving the real band that ends up being total FAIL like when I bought those Moi dix Mois tickets... Man.. fuck those guys (not Mana, but the choadtards that set shit up half assed and then failed miserably causing me to lose money on ticketmaster fees and nonrefundable bullshit fees)

... Man, I hope it's not like the Moi dix Mois concert :/ "

Then I did a little bit of research, found a press release, and promptly freaked out.



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