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I've been playing Persona lately. I wrote Masako an email about my general thoughts on the game, and my frustration about not being able to ditch the annoying characters. The game (and Masako) inspired me to scribble a bit, though. If I feel like scanning it in by the time I reach the end of this entry, I will.I'm really very peeved right now, though, because my *wonderful* Senpu jumped onto the speaker today and dropped my anniversary present from AkumaShinzo. It(was)a really pretty Kotobukiya resin model of Yoshitaka Amano's Vampire Hunter D.. and it (was) Amano's D and not the animated version.. very pretty. It went into the ICU today, though.. and I had to glue a bunch of tiny peices together and bend one of the arms... Thankfully... the resin kit was cast around a wire frame.. So instead of the entire arm *shattering,* I only lost a bunch of tiny flakes (and most of the hand) and was able to bend the arm back in the correct place. However... I managed to glue the hat perfectly. You can't tell that it was broken unless you know that already. The hand& that arm arn't as fortunate. It doesn't look *horrible,* but if you look at it up close, you can tell that somthing happened to it. This statue was expensive, too. Aside from that, it's very special to me, and I was really upset that Senpu got up where he didn't belong and ruined it. -..-I wonder.. if I hadn't jumped up to catch the kit, would he still have bolted? (essentially knocking the statue down) What if, what if , what if, what if....
I met a new freind the other day. At least.. that's what I hope for. Apparently, he worked security at A-kon this past year, and is a J-rock fan... who happens to live in the same town w/me! This guy seems really deep, and hasn't been exposed to as much J-rock as he'd like. Funny thing is.. it turns out that one of his close freinds is also one of Damon's exes. ::humms:: It's a small world after all....
I'm really excited about this relationship, though. Not in a romantic-type way or anything like that... It's just that it's been so long since I've met a new person that's *local* who I can hang out with. As it turns out, a few of my local "freinds" know him, so I know that he's not just some net stalker or anything like that. That makes me feel better. I'm always afraid of this house being broken into and one of us getting hurt. It's such a nice place.. I really don't want anything to happen to it... I even try to keep it clean... which is surprising to my parents, I suppose, because I was really lazy back when I lived with them. I wonder if they're surprised? I really do clean.. it's not just AkumaShinzo....
In any case...
I'm a bit sad because I heard that Kyo is in the hospital right now due to pneumonia. That has me pretty darn worried... I've also been listening to "Ain't afraid to die" a *lot*.... I must admit that it's a very good song, even if I didn't like it at first. The whole reason that I'm listening to it so much is kind of silly, though. The whole song plays here. This, my freinds is why I listen to it. I was very much impressed by the fact that I could listen to an MP3 directly off a website without having to load realaudio, Winamp, or any other extraneous application. I am most impressed. Ho ho ho ho!
Hm... My new freind IMed me.. bai!


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