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Lunch today

Fage Total 2% cherry greek yogurt, Turkey& havarti half-sandwich on a slice of Alvarado St. Bakery organic sprouted wheat, fruit salad= 450 cal

So, after I counted it all up, I think I probably should have dumped half the fruit back to make it an even 400 cal. When I felt satisfied, I still had a handful of blueberries and both strawberries left (which I picked at for the next hour), and then 3 hours later I was hungry again :P I definitely could have cut down on the calories and fat if I'd excluded mayo... but that bread is thick and a little dry, so it needs it. IT NEEDS IT! D:
(It makes the most amazing toast, though)

Not a bad lunch today, and it looks pretty! Food is still a constant daily struggle for me, so I try to take pictures when I put together somthing relatively healthy and low cal that tastes good.

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