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My cute little car

is so cute.
Especially when it is clean.
Other people think so too >..>

Last Friday when Matt was at work, someone left a flier on my cute little car. Someone wants to start a local mini driving club. The first meet-and-greet kind of thing is happening tonight at restaurant right down the street. I'm thinking about going. It could be cool?

I went and got my car washed, at least. Since it's so low to the ground, the rims get seriously nasty really quickly. It looks so nice when it sparkles in the sun!

Anyway... I still have to go grocery shopping. I figure if I decide to go out to the mini thing, I'll pick up groceries on the way home. I still haven't decided if I'll go or not, but now that I did get the car washed, I feel like I should. You pretty much feel like you're in a special little club when you get a mini anyway. The dealership has sent me all sorts of fun mini toys, stationary, accessories, etc, for my car. We've used some of them, but others are just rediculous. One of them is a set of gift cards that you give to other people to tell you what sort of special mini accessories to buy you for holidays, etc :P
I suppose the car mug would be handy if you wanted to fit somthing in the cup holder, but most of it is just branded merchandise. Mini has a little cult following over here!

Anyway, I have about 30 min to blow if I'm going to go there. If not, I guess I could just get my shopping out of the way now. Hopefully the little get together won't take longer than an hour, so I can get in, meet people, maybe grab a bite to eat, and then get out. I may stop by target. They have this in-house brand of trail mix that is kind of addicting. Key-Lime Pie. WTF. Key-lime flavoted/coated almonds with chips of white chocolate, chunks of grahm cracker, and pecans. It sounded weird but I've been craving it ever since I finished it. ZOMGZ


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