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I took a ton of photos in Vegas

And I'm too lazy to upload them!

I also think I made a Flikr account, but if I did, I can't seem to remember the login info, and I'm still hatin' photobucket.


In all my infinite wisdom, I realized I bought a permenant paid account here in LJ land a few years back, and I can upload photos here!

I'm still looking through them, and I forgot to finish DLing all the ones Sev emailed me, but here's my fav. picture of Matt& I. It was supposed to be a big group of people, but Kyle failed at camwhore photos, and people didn't scoot in close enough. Oh well :X

OH YEAH! My camera also does video, too! I remembered this in time to catch about 2 min of the Bellagio fountain show. I can totally be a contributing member of Youtube now, instead of just bookmarking weird shit from Nico Nico douga. (Mostly crack-addled Ronald McDonald videos that give people nightmares)

SUP! I'm 30 now!

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