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Dec 24: Girl's night out


Akihiko totally asked me if I'd be his girl. I said yes, and even got his Slink maxed out BEFORE christmas, and the only people that want to spend time with me on Christmas are Yukari and Fuuka? That's it! I am totally dissappointed in this game now >:O Apparently I made one wrong text choice a while back that should have prevented him from even asking me out in the first place. I'm so confused. Female side sucks!

Junpei had major feelings of inadequacy in the first game, and they had a chance to play the "because you're a girl card" to the max there on female side, and they kind of glossed over it. So he has no problems if a girl is his party leader, but he has issues if a girly boy is the party leader? Blah.

Maybe I should tell Akihito to bite it and go date death or a little boy instead. It's too late for the christmas date anyway... QQ

Edit: That's it Akihito, I'ma sleepin' with Theo behind your back! BWAHAHAHA
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