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18 July 2010 @ 11:54 pm
Oh noes! Heroine is going to go without a date for christmas?!?!  

(Dude, it's like October already. I need "badass" level of courage to even hit on the 8 year old, hobo has come and gone and only cooked me dinner like twice... I'm running out of options! But srsly? Badass courage to hit on a little kid? WTF is wrong with this game...)

Edit: Fuckyeahz! I scored Akihito after all, even though the interwebz said I'd be sad and alone until the end of the world! :X
Current Mood: angryangry
HIDE your facekyonomiko on July 21st, 2010 12:22 am (UTC)
Thank you for the shirt, BTW! I was very confused when it came in, but I laughed when I saw it, and I was secretly hoping no one had stolen any of our financial info XD I realized if they had, they'd have things sent to thier houses instead of having goofy castlevania stuff sent to MAH house, though :X

And yeah.. Persona 3/P3 FES both came out on PS2, and they ported Persona 3 to PSP with.. some FES content in it, but not all, and this crappy female play route? There's a lot of good stuff that's been ported over to PsP and the slims should be pretty cheap now. There's a new one out already, but it doesn't use UMDs, and relies entirely on downloading content. I'm not sure how I feel about that since I'm so used to holding games in my hand.

So far, though, I feel like the Wii just hasn't been worth it. The only thing that looks remotely like an RPG that's been released on it is Tales of Symphonia 2.. but you do have the option of paying for all your SNES games all over again. (That being said, they port some weird shit over that never originally made it to the states, like that wacky Chou Aniki game. It's like a spaceship shooter, except it's filled with oily gay bodybuilders. The enemies are fruity bodybuilders.. your power up bonuses are bodybuilders that float around your ship and shoot things... etcetc.. so weird)

PS3 hasn't had a whole lot either. Mostly Nippon Ichi tactics games and.. valkyria? XD Not that those are bad.. but some of the RPGS that have come out on the 360 are awesome. I love my DS and my PsP more than those three systems combined right now, though. If I had to get rid of two, I'd dump the PS3 and the Wii. If I had to only keep one.. uh.. Probably the DS. I thought you had a DS though? D:

Anyway.. not sure if you heard or not, but we're in the same region for Blu-Ray and Japan this time around, so that's kinda cool. You could get a PS3 and import all sorts of wacky shit. Not sure if the games are regionally coded or not. PSP and DS systems arn't regionally coded either. Matt imported a copy of Valkyrie Profile back when we assumed they'ed never re-port it over here. They totally did XD Strangely enough, we haven't gotten any of the Breath of Fire ports, but Europe has. WTF