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Akihiko, you bitch

I finally got my Charm stat up high enough to deflect the evil glares of classmates, and walked home with Akihiko. Unfortunately, during one of the SLink events, I apparently answered incorrectly, and didn't find out until waaaay later, so any romance is out of the question. (Q: Are you and Junpei...??? Mah answer: Hellz naw! Correct Answer: Now don't misunderstand...) And the internets say that the librarian that keeps hitting on me is not a viable dating option... other internets say Junpei is not an option...

That means I can have a creepy pedo relationship with a little kid, or with the tough guy that is only in your party for like a month.


I'm at mid-August now.
Dialogue options are still "Blahblahblah.. BECAUSE YOU ARE A GIRL"
All your text options for wishing you had X-ray vision, liking rude bodily functions, etc, are all still there. You don't get to try hitting on girls during the beach vacay, but that's... about it? I don't know... Reading some other opinions online, people seemed to really feel like there was a huge difference between the two paths, but I'm just not seeing it.

I am, however, having a hell of a time with all the Slink changes. I'm missing 4. One is Mitsuru, becasue I'm not smart enough to be her freind yet. I'm assuming two of them are the dating options I haven't opened up yet.. and the last one.. I'm not even sure. I think I missed the chance to join a culture club? Crapola. The game keeps hinting that I can form a link with Aegis if she wasn't such a heartless bitch, and I don't remember seeing any notices to go join culture club, so maybe she's the fortune link. Probably not. I probably fucked somthing up and missed a link. Oh well.

The really dissappointing part is that I'm like halfway through, and they've placed some of these Slinks very late in game. I don't remember getting that many that late in the male path, so I'm really skimping on the studying, etc, to try to max out as many links as I can. This means Mitsuru, Ken, and Shinjiro are really going to suffer. I do like that they moved creepy corporate guy I can't date to evenings, so there are more Slinks to work on at night (Creepy monk, creepy corporate guy, and battle mutt)

But seriously? Gah. I kind of wish I set it to easy mode instead of normal just so I could blast through the battle parts faster and stay pissed off at the Slinks longer.

I guess what I'm really getting down to is that there were far more choices more inline with what I would personally choose and identify with on the male path than the female. Also, the male path caters to damned near every preference of cute girl, and the female path is severely lacking in any choice whatsoever. You are left to date some creepy people based on the dev's twisted fantasies. (Speaking of... I'm surprised the male MC wasn't able to date or at least rape the kindergartener at the shrine. I mean, it's practically one of THOSE kinds of games anyway :X )

I mean.. I'm enjoying it... to a point. I didn't expect a vastly different game, but it did brag a "new perspective" by being able to play as a female MC. I'm not sure the perspective is supposed to be seething hatred for not being able to answer how I want as a chick, though.
They introduced two new female characters, and they immediately paired one of them up with your best freind (non SEES), Kenji, from the original P3. Why couldn't they keep that Slink in and let me teach him the ways of love and steer him away from his misguided relationship with his teacher? Oh no D: You spend most of your free time meeting up with other girls and fixing them up with people they like, while all you get to date is an 8 year old and a grouchy hobo. (If you missed the Akihito flags.. in which case.. GRATS! WELCOME TO HOBO TOWN!) You know what? Why couldn't you just date Igor then? I mean, if you're going to go CREEPY AS HELL, why not go all the way?!?!?!


Not like Akihiko is so hot anyway.. I mean, he's prettier than the 8 year old and the hobo, but all he wants to talk about are beef bowls and working out. I still haven't opened up any sort of link to date the new cute guy in the velvet room, but he's such a space case, I'm not sure I'm even interested anymore :P
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