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We're home!

And really tired!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. We had a great time! I'm a little sad, though, because while we were expecting everything to be expensive, a lot of thing were way more expensive than we expected, and I wasn't able to get souveneigers for everyone. :( I really wanted to find somthing hideous for the lolorodans to top what I found in NYC, but I couldn't find anything! We were going to head down to Freemont St. and see the older casinos, etc, but we didn't get the time. I can't help but feel that if we'd made it down there, I would have found some cheap and sleezy gift shops that would have had the perfect things in them!

The heat was incredible. It was easily reaching 110 every afternoon. We tried not to go out too much, but if you wanted to see anything outside the hotel, you really had no choice. The fact that no one cared where you wandered with booze was great, but due to the heat, I didn't really drink as much as I had planned. Granted, I did carry around a yard of daquerri and had a drink about every chance I could get, but I didn't get totally hammered because I was really worried about dehydration. Suriprisingly, Matt drank more than I've ever seen him drink in my life! :O He had a bunch of beer, kept stealing my yard of daquerri, and even had a margarita at Jimmy Buffett's place. He didn't get drunk either, but I was really surprised since he just doesn't drink any other time.

I took a ton of pictures of our surroundings. I got a few pictures of everyone that came, but most of them were camera shy, so I really had to beg for the photos I did get. I don't even think I got any of Sev. (Incidentally, I was really surprised when we met, because I thought his LJ icon was a pic of him, and I thought he looked like a skinny Keanu or somthing)

It was really good seeing Kyle again. I didn't recognize him at first either. He lost a ton of weight. He said he didn't really recognize me either, but hey... I cut my hair :P Kyle defeated the world's largest plate of nachos, and we were all obligated to call him "Buttonz, destroyer of nachos and demon emperor of the nacho dimension" for the rest of the trip.

The first day we were there, we played a few slots. I had a 25 dollar credit from the hotel, and blew through that and about another 20 bucks altogether. Matt put 10 in a machine and came out with 43.. then when we were waiting on some freinds in another hotel, he made another 6! The second day.. he lost it all :P We didnt' play any cards at any of the tables, so I think we did pretty good gambling-wise. We planned to lose it all, and we had a lot of fun with what did did spend. Most of what we spent was actually on food, since you couldn't even get food at the crappiest places without dropping 20 bucks. It was retarded. I heard you could spend your entire trip in Vegas without spending hardly anything on food, but that wasn't how we rolled. I think you had to have been willing to hunt down coupons and spend all your time at sketchy buffets. We got pretty sore and blistered pretty easily, and didn't want to do too much walking, so we spend most of the time in our hotel. (The Venetian)

We did go see one show, and it was The Amazing Jonathan. Matt and I had seen his specials before, and he's funny. I love Psychic Tanya. There were a bunch in our group who had not seen him before, though, and fortunately, they loved him too :P I was just glad we didn't get picked for anything!

Matt and I would definitely go again some time, but not for this long, and not on a weekend. We're thinking it would be nice to go on a weekday for 2 nights instead of the 3 we stayed for. Travel one day, have a full day there, leave the next day... Do it on a week day so the crowds arn't as insane and the travel is cheaper, etc. It's impossible to do everything and see everything in one trip, and pushing yourself to do so just tires you out so you can do less the next day. I wonder if it's better to go in the winter when it's not so goddamned hot :X But yeah.. Next time we'll have to catch the light show on freemont street and the volcano at the mirage or whatever we missed. I did get about 2 min of video recorded of the fountain show at the Bellagio, though. And we did see most of the TI pirate show.

OH! And they had a huge-ass sephora! zomgz! After buying that Urban Decay pallate earlier this year, I swore not to spend any more money on makeup I didn't need. Then I decided I needed to get color typed for that Make-Up Forever foundation the girls love. And I decided I needed to buy an Urban Decay lipstick D: You understand, right? I really don't need much more for eye shadows or liners, etc, and I have a ton of lip gloss, but I really only have 2-3 sticks of lipstick and they're all about the same shade. I think the Urban Decay one is about the same shade, too XD It's Voodoo. It's a nice color! ANYWAY.. I really don't need more makeup, so I didnt' go crazy.... and all the guys really didn't want to wait on me while I vacationed in happy makeup land. I can get to a Sephora up in the DFW area some other time, or order things online. I just really wanted to pop in a store and get a new foundation while I had the chance. I only have about half a compact of the photochrome left, and 3/4 of a pot of the liquid prescriptives foundation.. QQ! My makeup this weekend turned out awesomely, too. I forced everyone to agree with me on that, since guys are dumb.

Anyway, I'll have to upload some photos later. I already have my favorites of the trip picked out. We're just so tired and worn out from coming back that I don't want to deal with it right now. The two hour time difference contributed to some really long travel time on the way home. We checked out of the hotel at 10:30 yesterday, and didn't get home until 9pm. blaaaaaah.

PS- The cat is still a shit. I thought he missed us, but he only allowed me to pet him until Matt was done taking his shoes off and walked up to the couch. >:O


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