HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Fixing stuff

I'm working on getting everything squared away, and my mental to-do list for the house is much shorter now!

I managed to finaly get the ceiling stuff taken care of, yay! The house is de-mushroomed! yay! It doesn't smell like previous mushrooms, yay!

We went up to Plano for the 4th, and while we were up there, I got the last of the warranty work on my car done, yay! (Making the seat latch mechanism move more smoothly)

The coffeemaker broke, but Keurig sent us out a new one since that was still under warranty, too. We just have to mail out a peice of the old one. I also need to mail KT her NYC sovenieger, but I keep forgetting. Maybe tomorrow when I go pick up Persona 3 PsP (Now with more Junpei hat!)

You'd think everything was pretty much resolved now, but no!

Our TV isn't communicating with the intarwebz wirelessly like it is supposed to. We're supposed to be able to stream netflix directly onto the TV, but the dongle gave us trouble. We were told to replace it, so we did, but it's not the dongle! It's some other mystery problem no one can figure out... so we've been in contact with repair people for that too.

I'm done with having to schedule repair people around each other and I'm tired of feeling like I have to answer the phone all the time and talk to telemarketers >:O Shit needs to stop breaking!

In other news, I got my hair cut today so it won't be a mess on the trip :X
I'm working on doing laundry. I still have plenty of time, but I want to get the luggage situated early, so I know whether or not I need to check a big suitcase, or if we can do it all with carry-ons. I know if we want to bring our regular bathroom bag, we'll have to check one XP We'll just steal hotel soap& shampoo!

I ordered two new shirts from threadless last week, and I hope they arrive within the next day or two. I'd like to wash them and wear them if they show up. They're pretty cool :X I'll probably have to bring a lot of dorky WoW shirts too. At first, I was thinking about bringing a dress and my pumps and wearing somthing nice, but I think we'll just slum it the whole time and be dumpy tourists.
Tags: car, home repair, house, mushroom, wtf


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