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So yeah, about the previous post

It's been a long time coming, but I don't really think I'm that interested in cosplay anymore. I still like to sew and make costumes, but I don't think anime conventions are the right venue for me anymore. Part of it is the atmosphere of the cons in general, part of it is the general attitude of the fanbase and other cosplayers. And I'd be lying if I said a large part of it wasn't due to my poor body image. There's a small part of me that keeps saying "Drop the weight and get where you want, and you'll want to make all sorts of costumes again!!"

But you know what? I'm not sure I will.

I have like 2 projects I've been working on... and I'll probably finish those and call it quits for this hobby. The monarch minion costume will make a great halloween costume, and I think I would feel really shitty not finishing the arche costume after I bought two wigs for it. I don't know. I kind of don't even want to mess with finishing that despite the fact that the wig is half done, and the pants are only missing one cuff.

The hobby taught me a lot of things. I think I've become a better person overall for the experience, but lately looking at pictures of myself in these costumes just makes me incredibly depressed. And I haven't even been looking at where our site has been linked from! (Not for yeaaars!) The sewing skills I've learned from my mother-in-law, Becca, and Lauren have been invaluable. With them, I was able to teach myself even more after the girls moved back up to Lolorado. I've learned how to make things involving wire, tubing, paper mache, fiberglass, and all sorts of other things that art majors probably classify as "mixed-media." I've learned that I really like helping other people learn how to do things for themselves, but I don't like teaching because I don't like handling groups. I'd rather work with someone one-on-one to teach them how to make somthing cool that they can be proud of than preach to a conference room of a dozen half-interested individuals. Another reason teaching is not for me. (But one-on-one? I think I'm pretty good at it, honestly)

It's really pretty bittersweet for me, because I'm giving up somthing I enjoyed doing for so long, but at the same time, I recognize that it's probably time I gave it up. Tania will probably still try and drag me to A-kon every year. We'll still have to go to one more convention to wear our Vesperia costumes together if that group ever happens. But I dont' really plan on undertaking any more new projects. I remember that for a while, I was really excited about making a Rangda costume work. (Shin Megami Tensei- Nocturne& up version) That would have been pretty cool, but I can't really imagine actually working on that now.

I would really like to keep a handful of costumes just in case somthing comes up and I want to wear a costume. I want to get rid of everything else. I don't think I'm going to have a lot of luck selling my costumes, though, so I'll probably end up donating a bunch to goodwill or throwing them away. I'm willing to take as low as 25 bucks on some of these XD hurr hurr.

Yet, I can't say "I'LL NEVAR DO THIS AGAIN!" because it's been a part of me so long, I think I will probably end up wearing a costume to a convention again. I'll more than likely end up doing it multiple times! Right now, though, I'm at a place in my life where I want to try and get over my slovenly cluttering habits, clean up the house, and make things orderly. I guess I want order right now. I hate deadlines, I hate strict, regimented schedules, I hate waking up early, and sometimes I really just like to set things wherever and worry about it later. I want things to be neat and tidy, though. A large uncontrollable craft mess not unlike the blobbish monster at the end of the Akira movie (CRAP SPOILERS!) has taken over two rooms of my house, though. I want to clear enough of it out that I can give the costumes one tidy spot, and keep the craft stuff in one tidy spot. Tidy tidy. rooty roo!

I mean, I can't get rid of the dork in me, or the geek in me, and I'm not trying to. I'm not even ashamed of it. My whole house is a room of shame, and I don't really care! I don't want it to look like a sloppy room of shame, though. That being said, I really do hope a few of the costumes sell so that they can live on. It's going to be hard to part with a few of the things I worked so hard on, though. I'd like to get at least 100 bucks for Gogo, but I never did finish all the closures on that costume XD Maybe I should only ask 75. If I made it new for someone and it had all the closures finished, I'd probably want 300-400 bucks, though. Gah.I don't know how to price this shit. Norn, too. Even though that costume looks fairly simple, I spent a ton of time trying to make it as accurate and neat as I could. I was really very proud of that costume. And it's so cute! Seeing that one, and that wand I made to go with it will be especially hard. Maybe no one will buy it and I will decide to keep it :P

It's really damned hard wearing my shit for Halloween, though, because not only does no one know WTF it is, it's very hard to try and tell someone about it. How do you explain that for a commercial holiday, you dressed up as a pre-teen cat girl from an obscure Japanese video game that likes to turn her enemies into candy? IT MAKES NO SENSE. CHEWBACCA MAKES NO SENSE. IF CHEWBACCA MAKES NO SENSE, YOU MUST AQUIT.

My will not sell list has pretty much been Rita, Tella, Yu~ki, Arshtat. It's tempting to add Norn to that list, even though I haven't worn that costume in like 2 years. I definitely want to get rid of Gogo, though. As much hard work as I've poured into that costume, it doesn't wash well, it takes up a ton of room, it's hard to pack, it's hot, it's heavy, and I could go on forever. I really do love that costume. You know I've seen a ton of Gogos lately? I even saw one at A-kon! It was far more accurate than mine. lol. Some people will go and paint the fabric inch by inch so it matches the original drawing exactly. I'm like.. WHATEVA WHATEVA! BLINGY TRIMM AND TASSLES BITCH! I DO WUT I WANT!

...That's probably another reason that one won't sell. lol

Anyway. I need to try and come up with a hard date to get rid of this stuff by. If I just wait to see if people on the LJ community are interested, I'll wait forever. I guess I could try making some cosplay.com marketplace listings... But I almost don't want to put in the work to wash the costumes and fix anything that may need fixing. I just want it magically gone.


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