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Testing the waters- Any interest in these used costumes?

I'm thinking about cleaning out my closet and offloading pretty much everything.
This is basically everything I've made from 2000-2009, with the exception of a few of the more recent costumes like Arshtat, Tellah, and Rita. (Not interested in parting with the Malice Mizer Yu~ki either at the time being)

Most of what I do are videogame costumes, with some anime and J-rock. I'm willing to accept reasonable offers on pretty much everything else I've made, but I'm not sure what kind of interest there is for this stuff. I don't have set prices, but everything cost between 75-300 USD to make. Considering they are all used, I'm willing to go pretty low on some of them. I prefer paypal only. I don't care where you want it shipped as long as you pay the shipping.

Please check my cosplay.com/cosplaylab.com profiles for lists of costumes. The sizes are generally in the XL range. I can provide more info for anyone with genuine interest. Sales are for the costumes only.

My cosplay.com list
My cosplaylab.com list

I'm mostly gauging, which is why I didn't post detailed info on every single thing. (It would be a really freaking huge list anyway- especially if I included detailed construction notes, material lists, etc.) I'll definitely take any reasonable offers to get this stuff out of the house, though!

Aside with the set of grey wings that match the Nemu costume, I have pre-made bases for two more pairs of Haibane Renmei wings. I'd be open to commissions to finish those last two pairs for interested parties. I ordered specially-dyed feathers from Rainbowfeatherco.com a few years back to make these grey haibane wings, and I still have plenty of feathers left to make at least two more pairs of these. I have no idea how I'd ship them, but we can work something out.

Edit- Crapola, this was supposed to go to the cosplay community. OOPS! I gave you guys your chance last year, so now they're going out to the sharks, or the trash :P
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