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Badger Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom

There is a mushroom on my ceiling. It started growing yesterday and today it has become quite colorful. I am upset.

We noticed teeny tiny insects buzzing around a bit of plaster on the ceiling by the fireplace about two weeks ago. All non-scientific attempts to identify them led me to believe they were Phorid flies.. basically tiny gnats that like to live in decaying matter and eat fungi. Since our exterminator was due Monday, I thought I might wait a bit and see if he can kill them and tell me what the chances of some sort of fungal problems in that area might be.

Last night was the last straw, though. Matt noticed a new discoloration in the area, and when we shined a flashlight on it, we realized it was a mushroom. A fucking mushroom growing out of my ceiling, FFS. It was terribly upsetting, so I took action. Mushrooms do not belong in house. There is definitely a fungal problem. Perhaps mold. This means there is a moisture problem. We got a new roof just under two years ago. There should not be a moisture problem!

I called the roofers and told them I wanted them to make good on that 3 year workmanship warranty and take care of the mushroom, because srsly. WTF. It turns out that there was some sort of leak or problem with the way the roof was sealed around the brick chimney, and moisture collected in a corner... breeding mushroom. Luckily, they came out promptly this morninga nd fixed the leak. The dude who came by wasn't terribly fluent in English, though, so when I told him he needed to fix the inside, he said (in not so many words) that he had to call someone else to come in for that, and that person would be by later.

The language barrier leads me to believe that some mythical ceiling fixer named Euooz will be coming by at some unknown time to fix my problem. If they arn't here by Monday, I'm totally calling again and raising hell, though. While the moisture problem may be fixed, they arn't fixing the subsequent damage.

From what I can tell, things should be ok if they open that up, scrape out all the damaged stuff, spray on a fungicide, and then replace the ceiling panel after everything dries out. Hopefully, they'll get it all taken care of and we won't have to pay anything.

I'm more worried that this will become a multi-thousand dollar expensive thing that the roofers won't handle, and that we'll have to talk to some sort of mold removal specialists. This would take a lot of time and money that we don't really have right now. >:O Oh well. At least the leak is taken care of.

I haven't been able to concentrate for the last day and a half, though, knowing somthing from outside that should not be growing inside is chilling on my ceiling.
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