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And now is time for photos!

I feel like I've been pretty successful in my organizing projects lately... especially with the progress we've made in de-wiring the living room. Gamestop had a huge promo a week or two ago where they were giving an extra +50% on store credit with trade ins. We traded in a bunch of crap and paid off some reservations on new games. The project with the slim cases has also helped me make room on the DVD shelf, move things out of the cupboard, and overall straighten and organize a bit. Warner Bros. has an amazing DVD trade in program. It's only like 5 bucks per disc. You print out your order, pay 5 bucks per blu ray, and mail in your old DVDs. They mail you back the blu ray versions. You can trade up to 25 discs, and if your order is at least 35 bucks, shipping is free. We're going to take advantage of it pretty soon.
Warner Bros/New Line DvD 2 Blue promotion

Here's a photo of an empty corner in my house! Whoah! Look ma, no wires!

After we set up the new TV and everything, we re-wired the speakers, running the speaker wire around the door frame. Since we only had to run three wires over, it wasn't too bad. Matt also bought some flat speaker wire that sat flat against the trim. I dont' think they make flat subwoofer wire, though. That was still a round one :P


I call that photo "OMG cat. No, I am not turning the sink on for you just because I am standing in the hallway" But there, you can see the new TV& stand, and the new speaker wiring. It feels so nice and open and clean now with those two corners cleaned out. The space behind the TV will still be a cat fur& dead cockroach trap, but overall, this is a massive improvement.

And here's a shot of the game cases before I alphabetized them and pulled out a bunch to trade in. Holy hell. The PS2 was the most awesome system ever! Damned near all those cases are from awesome PS2 games!

Also, I uploaded 1 (ONE) photo of my fatass in my Rita costume. I think I forgot to mention that I bumped into two other Vesperia cosplayers while I was at A-kon. They were absolutely adorable Judy& Estelleise cosplayers from like Florida or somthing. They were great, and it was fun! I'd bumped into them the previous day when they were a big Abyss group. Anyway, I'll have to weed through the photos and try to find one or two more where my fatal decision to make a costume with this much white leg doesn't make me look too much like a beached beluga. The photo was uploaded to my cosplay.com thinger over here but seriously.. can't even tell (and I think my lipstick/gloss are gone by that photo) but my makeup turned out awesomely. The lighting in the A-kon hotel is horrendous, though, so the better photos happened around the corner by the parking garage.. eww.

Oh! And here's a lunch I made for myself that I was particularly proud of. Grilled turkey cutlet with fat free cottage cheese and a fruit salad consisting of blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. I always try to make a lunch like this that has 3 items for variety's sake, with a good mix of protein and carbs, very little fat. Turkey& cottage cheese= protein! Fruit= carbs! Little bit of fat in the turkey, I'm sure, even though it's very lean. I don't like spending all day cooking for a light lunch, so I usually go raw. Here, I grilled a turkey cutlet in advance and ate it cold the next day! That's fuckin' planning!


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