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Back from A-kon.. well.. yesterday. lawl.

Yup. A-kon. I'm glad I'm not there anymore. I'm glad we left early so we wern't there for most of yesterday, too. gahahaha. The Seikima II concert was amazing. It was totally worth all the other bullshit that happened. I told Matt that the only way A-kon would get me to pay to go again was if they brought in X-Japan, L'arc, or if LunaSea got back together again and only played at A-kon. I'm really not sure there is any other way they can get me to go back there.

Concert aside, we all had a miserable time. Traffic was horrible the whole time, the parking situation was retarded, it was hotter than hell, and everything was more inconvenient than you could imagine. We drove around for maybe 15 min looking for parking. When my brother arrived, he drove around for somthing like 2 hours. He eventually had to settle for a day-only parking spot that expired at 5pm. About 2 hours after he actually found a parking spot. I was going to get dressed up on Friday, but I spent most of the day running around trying to get things with vehicles sorted out. We would have paid for valet for two cars if there had been any valet spots. Instead, I spend the majority of our time at the convention on Friday either standing in one of many lines, or walking around downtown trying to find or move cars.

The pre-reg line was crazy as usual, but it seemed more organized than the last time I paid for a badge. We also lined up super early for the concert just to make sure we got in, so we sat in line for that for forever. That's not the convention's fault at all. It just sucks to spend most of your time sitting in line.

The concert was awesome. About half the people left after the first band performed, and I was like WTF. Enough came back in though so that I hope Seikima II didn't feel put off. The concert itself was a blast. They played both of my favorite songs, and hammed everything up to the max. They rocked D:

Afterwards, I was too exhausted to do anything more than wash the stink of fanboy and fail off and pass out.

The next day, I couldn't decide to wear Tellah and hope Ray got his hands on his Vesperia costume, or just say fuck it and wear my vesperia costume. Ray really didn't want to have to move his car, and no one was going to bring him the costume, so I just said fuck it and wore my new costume. This is the fist time in recent memory, and perhaps EVER that a closure has failed on me. I was pretty pissed off. I may cut corners on my costumes, but they DO NOT fall apart on me. What became an urgent need to take photos before my makeup wore off became an urgent need to take photos before my clothes fell off. The thread on the snaps I sewed on failed, and two of the 4 snaps holding the belt on came off completely. I spent most of the time in costume trying to hold the damend thing shut. I really wanted to avoid hook-and-eye closures since I hate sewing them, but I'll have to do it this time. I've never had hook-and-eyes fail on a belt on me before. This is what I get for trying somthing different.

To top it off, between our parking problems and Ray's parking problems, the two of them stubbornly decided to be in a pissy mood the whole fucking time we were there. It was impossible for me to try and have a good time. I tried to ignore the pissiness and just wander around and see stuff, but I had at least one debbie downer constantly at my side. Matt wouldn't even go down and see the convention.

Goddamn I hate this con. I swear to god unless they bring in the most fucking amazing band ever, I am never paying for a badge or reserving a room again. You know there won't be an industry guest I'm that excited about. A-kon just doesn't bring in Japanese voice actors or manga artists, etc. I think I remember looking at the guest list before I left, and the only Japanese guests they had this year were the two bands. Everything else were fan celebrities like cosplay guests and fan artists, etc. The last year they had just an amazing line up of Japanese industry guests was when they were in the two-hotels at the airport. That was like.. 7 years ago? AnimeFest has had years when they were able to bring in both amazing bands and amazing industry guests. I think there was a year when they had both MAX and Yoshitoshi AbE? I mean srsly?

The venue is the absolute worst. I've seen both larger and smaller conventions that were able to handle thier numbers in a much better way. The sheraton/ex-adams mark shouldn't be so surprised and unprepared every single time a con this big hits. Every time we go, we have a miserable time trying to navigate downtown and it's parking.

I was told since that it was a weekend, there would be no traffic in Dallas. I was laughed at, and told there was no way there would be traffic since it's not like the work rushes during the week. When we tried to leave on Sat (approx 1PM), we spent 2 hours sitting on various roads trying to get to I-35. Then we spent another 20 min sitting on I-35! The traffic sucked.

We really wouldn't have gone if it wern't for the musical act this year. I never plan to go to A-kon. I've been dragged there for an afternoon a few times over the past few years, but I think I'm just going to have to put my foot down and refuse that in the future, too. (The times we have gone for just an afternoon, we never paid for a badge)

Maybe I'm just getting old and grumpy, but I don't really tolerate the idiocy of most of the fans. I had the strangest overwhelming feeling of actually wanting to punch someone in the face this weekend, and that's never happened to me before. When I've been sitting 30 min patiently trying to get an elevator down to leave the convention, I don't appreciate little shitheads packed into full elevators looking at my 50 lb suitcase and laughing. And maybe it's just because I got a chance to wander around NYC and learn how not everyone in the universe sucks at being a pedestrian, but the clumps of retards laughing and joking in front of the dealer's room tables just pissed me off. You laugh and talk in a corner or somwhere not where other people want to be if you arn't shopping. Old and Grumpy, definitely.

Oh.. I did take a few pictures of my costume, but I need to go through them. Ray wouldn't tell me when he was actually snapping a photo, so most of them suck. In most of them, somthing is falling down or I'm making a weird face. I kind of hate how I look in this one anyway.. so I'm not sure I'll post them. I'll fix a few things on the costume for the future, in case I want to try wearing it again, but yeah. I didn't think it looked that bad on me when I tried it on at home, but I think I looked terrible at the convention. Part of it may have been the hotel lighting, but most of it was just my fat ass.

I have a laundry list of things I need to fix on that costume if I ever want to wear it again. I have to re-do all the closures on the belt. Even though I used humongous snaps, they just wern't working. I will have to try hook and eye. I need to sew the arm ribbon on to the sleeve of the shirt, because the fabric is too silky and it wouldn't stay up. I also need to try and style the wig a little better, but it was being wholly uncooperative. I should also probably try to finish that little bow on the back of the belt.. but first the belt needs to stay on. I also need to find a better wig cap. The ghetto pantyhose thing I wore slipped off and took the wig with it on more than one occassion. The costume was just a disaster. It wasn't even a hot mess.

I'm not currently planning on going to AnimeFest. I don't have a badge yet, and I haven't reserved hotel. I know AFest is way better than A-kon, but I'm really put off on cons after this. I'm also feeling kind of put off on cosplay, which I'm kind of sad about. I like sewing costumes, and I like wearing costumes. But...I'm probably just outgrowing them. I do like the dealer's room, though, just to see stuff. We don't really buy as much stuff there anymore, either. But yeah... I do see people older than me enjoying the convention, so I think maybe I'm just beyond the point in my life where I can find any sort of enjoyment at these things. I didn't even see any old faces at the con, and I thought that was kind of strange. Usually I see a few people I know wandering around. I only seem to bump into them when I'm wearing some wacky thing that covers my face, though. Rita didn't cover my face :P

BTW, my makeup for Rita turned out fantastic. I don't know if Ray got any close-ups, though, which was a shame. But the lips and eyemakeup turned out really really well. It really popped with the blue contacts.

Argh.. just thinking about this con is getting me all pissed off all over again. I gotta go do somthing else >:O
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