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I should be sewing. The undershirt and boot cover fails have become mental roadblocks. I feel lazy! I need to figure out WTF I'm wearing to this convention anyway. From what I can see, the big Seikima II concert is on Friday, so we may just decide to take off Sat sometime. We could leave in the afternoon or evening, save some money on food, and have all of sunday to fart around. I don't think Tania would mind, since she doesn't live that far away... and if Ray was around the whole weekend anyway, they'd have a day together (provided he wasn't driving up with us. We'll see)

So if I finish this Rita costume for A-kon, I'll wear that for sure.

Other possible costumes... uh. I dunno. What should I bring? It shouldn't take up a ton of room. I need to fix the Tellah collar, but I should probably bring that one. I want to bring Arshtat, but the crown needs repairs, and I think I still have to bring the waist cincher in some more. I think it's still too big, and I don't know if I'll have time to fix it (again!) Besides.. Arshtat takes up an exciting ammount of room. The mini doesn't have much trunk space at all, and I need to try to make sure that if we're bringing the cooler, we can still fit a suitcase and a person (comfortably) in the back seat.

My goofy ass red mage costume doesn't take up much room, and the hat folds flat. I have't worn that one, or my hide costume, since Expo. The fake belt buckle thing made out of gold freindly plastic fell off the belt there, though, and I'd have to find it and glue it back on. Both of those are comfy costumes, though. Well, the Red mage boots arn't THAT comfortable, but yeah.

I don't think I'm going to bring a Bleach costume this time, I wore it to A-kon and AnimeFest last year, and it's hard to see in it. If I went full face makeup, it'd be easier to see out of, but I don't know if I feel like devoting that much time to it :X It'd be like wearing Yu~ki, where I'd want to cover up my eyebrows with some eyebrow wax and liquid latex.. the makeup would take a long time. I'd also have to make a new cowl that covers my head and neck, but not face. Totally do-able, but I'm also totally lazy. That was the whole reason I did the full-face cowl last time. I didn't want to have to do full face makeup :X If I did the black parts in Liquid Latex, I wouldn't have to worry about it smudging, though. I wonder if I could just do white face/liquid latex? It'd take a while for the latex to dry, but it might be better than just doing two tones of ben nye and the trying to remember not to touch my face all day.

My Mayuri/Yu~ki/etc Red/yellow contacts are getting pretty old. I've taken really good care of them, so they arn't looking old, but I've had them for a few years, and I should probably look at replacing them. I think that when I got them last time, I skipped glasses/contacts that year, and insurance paid for them. I'll have to look into that this summer.

Oh crap.. I also need to renew my driver's licence D:

Anyway.. Anything I've worn in the last 5 years. I need like 1 more costume to bring.. 2 if I stay until Sunday. What should I take with me?
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