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Crap (in a hat?)

Haagen Dazs has brought back my favortie flavor ever- Bannanas Foster
OMG.. it's so good :X

XD There goes my healthy eating! This flavor was introduced as a limited edition, and was discontinued a few years ago. I was so sad! Now it's back as another limited edition, so I have a limited ammount of time to eat it! (They keep discontinuing and bringing back the green tea, too.. which sucks because that's the only way I can get green tea ice cream in town)

In other news.. crap crap crap crap crap

I just realized I have about a solid week and a half to finish this Rita costume if I want to get everything ready for A-kon. I haven't even been thinking about costumes! I mean, I started the Rita project, and that was great, but I figured I'd do it at a liesurely pace. Then Matt brought me that ipad, and since then I haven't gotten ANYTHING done. Now, I have to kick it into gear if I'm going to get anything done for that con.

I also need to buy plane tickets to Vegas soon... I was hoping for some sort of summer sale or somthing, but there haven't been any for July, and tickets are still about 425 each round trip with any airline. I may just have to commit to the higher price and buy them next week. blah


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