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I meant to post a bit more about the NYC trip

But I'm still bawling over the Basara manga. I decided to start collecting it when VIZ released translated manga, but I kept missing volumes here and there. Since the story is kind of important, skipping a whole tankouban was serious business! I skipped vol. 4, but it was no big deal, since the anime overlapped that part. When I started missing volumes after that, though, I stopped reading, because I didn't want to get confused with what was happening.

Every time we'd go to a convention, I'd bring a little list with me of the volumes I was missing. Every convention I'd look to plug the holes of the series, and every con I'd come up empty handed. I think it's been out of print for a while or somthing, because I can't ever find the back issues in places like Hastings, Barnes& Nobles, or any conventions.

But hey! I plugged all the gaps when I went to NYC! I found everything I was missing at the Kinokuniya NYC store! I didn't buy them all, because I didn't want to carry them around, so I got the 4 or 5 volumes I was missing in 1-19. Now, I'm missing 20-27. I just finished a marathon session of re-reading everything at once. I totally cheated and read the last 7 volumes online, but I plan on tracking them down and buying them next time I find them somewhere.

I'm so glad I finally finished the series, though. Some turd told me that Sarasa ended up with Nagi and had all sorts of weird Nagi-babies, and I was just like WTF. Maybe it was Becca. I wouldn't put it past her >..> ANYWAY! There were plenty of tear-jerking moments, but I was just happy to have a resolution to the story. I was afraid it was going to be one of those series that just kind of stops without any sort of ending.

If you know anything about me and my tastes in manga/anime, though, you know that I usually go for stuff with a good story that tends to be supernatural or action oriented. My great big shameful magical girl series is Sailor Moon.. but it's the book of shame for so many other people, it's not even that embarassing :P For a while, I was on a huge CLAMP kick, so goofy crap like Card Captor Sakura kind of fell under that category. Um... for a while, I read Peach Girl, and it was addicting at first, but I stopped when I realized the story never really went anywhere, but just got more and more rediculous.

I don't really even like political intrigue stories, which is the main reason I don't like mecha stuff like gundam, geass, etc. I'll muck through somthing like Utawarerumono or The Twelve Kingdoms if the world is compelling, though.

So WTF Basara? It's some fantasy romance political intrigue thing that drags on forever. It's pretty epic. It has it's share of "LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER" moments, bloody disfigurement, buttsecks, love triangles and violennce. The art is typical of the shoujou genre, so it's really nothing special. I got hooked on it pretty hard, though, and it makes me want to have some sort of twisted Fushigi Yuugi/Legend of Basara/The Twelve Kingdoms/Utawarerumono marathon. It's like.. after readint the whole story, the world gets to you and crawls around in your head and you can't stop thinking about it even though you've read it all.

The fact that some people die and stay dead, or get permanantly disfigured is strangely satisfying, though. You don't want to see that happen to characters you like, but when people get mortally wounded and then hop up afterwards all better... Well... then you're reading Bleach :X

I don't know. I'm almost embarassed by how many shoujou series I've given a try lately. I was reading Barajou no Kiss on onemanga.com the other day, laughing my ass off and thinking about how it's almost exactly like Pretear. (And how awesome and hilarious Pretear was...)

Speaking of.. time to see if Berserk has updated at all in the last 4 months...

PS: Fullmetal Alchemist is getting really good right now. Yes, the manga is still running :X It's almost over, though. Each time a new chapter comes out, I'm like OMGGGGGG CLIFFHANGER

~Bleach is getting rediculously dragonball. I keep reading it, even though it's pretty horrible right now

~I follow Naruto (lawl). The manga was leading up to somthing awesome, and now it's in boring town


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