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I'm posting this right now from my iPad. How cool is that?

I'm fucking starving, though. I did get to go to the MET today, and it was awesome. I really wish Karen could have been here. It feels like she's the only one who would have appreciated it. I took an awesome photo next to William for her.

We've been having a lot of fun,but I realize now more than ever how many food issues I have. I haven't had anything today save for a granola bar at around ten, and a sample chocolate from La Maison du Chocolate. Theguy I met to go to the museum didn't want to eat, and would nonstop anywhere. He's an inconsiderate ass, but no surprise there. I was expecting that from this particular dude.

Anyway, I figured I'd just wait until Tania got back to the room since we planned to go out to dinner together around 5. Since then,she has eaten with her co workers multiple times and said she is not hungry, nor will she eat.

I don't like eating alone, or being the only person in a group eating. It really stresses me out to the point where I want to cry. Food shouldn't make you feel that way. We still have so much more to do tonight, and I don't how if I'll get any food. I am such a fatass anyway, I shouldn't be so obsessed with it, but goddamn. Why can't I travel with people that like to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner??

That aside...I was really expecting NYC to be a little different. Most people don't have any discernible accent around here,and the streets are pretty clean. I have only counted 5 homeless so far. That's WAY less homeless per square foot than Austin. It is really just like Dallas or Denver...but with -more- More people, more shops, more stuff. I guess I was hoping it would be more different or alien. At least it isn't quite as scary in this area. We haven't left the upper east side yet,though.

Back to fasting. :P


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